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Sunday Morning Forum

A weekly time of fellowship where we discuss both historical and contemporary issues through a Christian lens.


We seek to strengthen personal bonds within our church family, and to cultivate new relationships through conversation and shared experience. We work to nurture our spirituality in this secular world; understand our own faith traditions and those of others; and determine how to best express Christian faith in this diverse society. (Teens through Adults welcome).


This class is a hybrid class meeting in person in room 102 and on Zoom every Sunday morning at 9:30am in the Spring and Fall.  Please email the church office is you would like to receive the link to join these in-depth discussions.

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The Spring 2023 Schedule is below.

January 8, 22 - Recovering from Religious Trauma. (led by Indhira Udolfia)

Join this two part class to learn about spiritual trauma and how it can be healed. Mending the Wounds of a Bruised Body workshops are reflective experiences exploring the contours of religious harm and trauma through the lens of womanist and queer theory. We will spend our time defining the phenomenological experience of religious/spiritual violence, exploring its impact on our understanding of individual and communal life in and out of religious space, and begin resourcing healing interventions for both individuals and religious communities who seek to stop harm.

January 15 - Hospital Chaplaincy. (led by Rev. Amanda Holmes)

Rev. Amanda Holmes will share her experience as a hospital chaplain at UVA.

January 29 - God Stories: The Power of Testimony in the Bible (led by Rosie Snow, Wesley's Director of Christian Discipleship). 

How did personal testimony fuel the rapid spread of Christianity as detailed in the New Testament and especially Acts?  And how can we learn from this now?

February 5 - God Stories: The Power of Testimony in Methodism (led by Rosie Snow, Wesley's Director of Christian Discipleship)

Learn about how Methodism's meteoric rise in the 18th century was partly driven by the sharing of dramatic testimony by believers, especially young people and women.

February 12 - God Stories: Unlocking the Power of Our Faith Stories (led by Rosie Snow, Wesley's Director of Christian Discipleship)

We will take some time sharing our own faith of "God" stories/testimony, and think about how sharing could be a more impactful part of our Church and community.

February 19 Planning Session for the Fall 

At this planning session, we will brain storm classes for the Fall 2023 semester.  Everyone's input is welcome and we encourage anyone interested in leading a discussion.

February 26 - March 26th - With God on Our Side:  Christian Nationalism and the Threat to Democracy. (Led by Jeffrey Pugh, Author, professor, and renowned scholar of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Pugh is one of the foremost scholars on Christian Nationalism in the United States.)

Why are the words “Christian Nationalism” so prominent in the headlines? Why should Christians care about this movement to remake America? Looking at the historical background of American civil religion, and the more recent manifestations of Christian Nationalism in such movements as Christian Reconstruction, Dominionism, and other right wing religious-political groups, we’ll explore the religious connections that led to the insurrection of January 6th and the ongoing danger to American democracy posed by Christian Nationalism. 

April 2 - Movie: Renewal or Ruin

This short film from 2007 details The Institute on Religion and Democracy's Attack on the United Methodist Church. 15 years later, we can discuss the effects.

April 9 - No class - Easter Sunday

April 16 - April 30 - Film Series: Standing on Sacred Ground

We will watch episodes of this film series on various lands around the world sacred to indigenous people, and how those communities are working to protect their sacred land.

May 7 & May 14 - Pray Away Movie and Discussion

We will watch segments from this recent film covering ex-leaders and a survivor of the so-called "conversion therapy" movement, who speak out about its harm to the LGBTQ+ community and its devastating persistence.

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