Sunday Morning Forum

A weekly time of fellowship where we discuss both historical and contemporary issues through a Christian lens.


We seek to strengthen personal bonds within our church family, and to cultivate new relationships through conversation and shared experience. We work to nurture our spirituality in this secular world; understand our own faith traditions and those of others; and determine how to best express Christian faith in this diverse society. (Teens through Adults welcome).


This class is a hybrid class meeting in person in room 102 and on Zoom every Sunday morning at 9:30am in the Spring and Fall.  Please email the church office is you would like to receive the link to join these in-depth discussions.

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The Spring Schedule is below.

January 9 - Check-in and Remembering our Baptism

Join us for a conversation meditating on what baptism and membership at Wesley means to us, as well as some unstructured time together.

January 16 - February 6 - Prodigal Species video, Part 5, 6, 7 & 8.

February 13 - Trans People and the Church Part II (taught by Rosie Snow). 

Last semester we learned about some of the basic building blocks of trans inclusion.  Now we will continue our conversation to consider how the Church, and our church in particular, can provide radical welcome and inclusion for trans people.

February 20 - The Remarkable Women of the Early Christian Church (taught by Rebekah Latour, UVA Religious Studies)

An exploration of some of the lesser-known women who were part of the early Christian church's history and their amazing stories.

February 27 - The Christian Case for Reparations (taught by Meredith Kilburn, UVA Law)

What are the moral, and Christian, reasons for reparations for the wreckage of slavery and entrenched racism in the United States?  What legal strategies are being employed to seek reparations?  How has the Church responded thus far?  Join us for this important conversation during Black History Month.

March 6 Growing up in the Church (discussion with Wesley's Parent/Guardian group)

We will meet at 10:15am this week for a joint, intergenerational discussion with the parent/guardian group sharing our experiences growing up in the church and/or raising children in the church.

March 13 - Fall Planning

March 20 - Bearing Witness in Afghanistan (taught by David Wildman)

On the eve of the Afghan New Year, join the UMC General Board of Global Ministries' Middle East Area Liaison, David Wildman, as he shares knowledge from decades of grassroots experience in Afghanistan to help us answer the question: how does the Church bear witness to Afghanistan now?

March 27 - Bearing Witness in Palestine (taught by David Wildman)

Join the UMC General Board of Global Ministries' Middle East Area Liaison, David Wildman, as he shares from his decades of grassroots work with Palestinian  Christians in their struggle of loving non-violent resistance.


April 3 - Community Gardens as Vehicles for Social Justice (taught by Kristan Pitts, Bread & Roses )

Kristan Pitts is the Director of Trinity Episcopal Church's Bread & Roses program, and will talk about how gardening for the community expresses God's love in the world.

April 10 - Thinking Theologically about the Built Environment (taught by Blair Wilner, UVA Religious Studies)

How does Christian theology bear on city planning?  Join this week to find out!

April 17 - Easter (no class)


April 24 Civic health as the spiritual health of democracy (taught by Ryan Snow, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law –

Voting rights litigator Ryan Snow will discuss the importance of face-to-face conversation and relationship building (and staying off social media!) in democracy work.

May 1 Putting our Climate Commitments into Action (taught by Latricia Giles –

Many SMF classes have focused on the faithful call to act on climate. Latricia Giles is here to help us answer the call by making concrete, manageable changes in our homes, houses of worship, and places of work.

May 8 -  Revisiting UMC Polity and Practice (taught by Rev. Matt Seaton)

Join Rev. Matt Seaton as he offers an introduction to current UMC Polity and Practice. This class will prepare participants for the following class on May 15 with Jill Gaynor, lay delegate to the General Conference.

May 15 - General Conference Update and Q&A with Jill Gaynor.  

Join Jill Gaynor, (President of the Virginia Conference Board of Communications and Annual Giving Officer at United Methodist Family Services), who will give an update on the now postponed General Conference and offer an opportunity for any questions.