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Reflection on our Garden

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

On Sunday during the Welcome Parade for our new pastors Phil and Gary, I met a young family who were getting in their car and preparing to leave the church grounds. They had just spent a delightful afternoon in our garden. The mother held in her hand a bag of greens and herbs that she had picked and was taking home to prepare for her families' dinner. She was all smiles and came up to me to thank me.

"This is the first playground my children have been to since the pandemic started," she said. "They had so much fun today, thank you. It's ok if I take these?" she asked with some hestitation.

"Yes," I assured her. "Please come back again and spread the word. Did you see all of the tomatoes that will be ripe soon and there are carrots too?"

"Yes," she said, "We'll be back. Thank you so much."

Our Director of Christian Discipleship, Rosie Snow, had the vision for a Community Garden at Wesley, a sustainable ecosystem that would produce food and bring abundance to the community. Her vision is now a reality. Thank you Rosie, and thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Please continue to spread the word so that more may benefit from the harvest and be nourished by the fruits of our labor. This nourishment is not just physical but spiritual. It is the work of Christ in the world.

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21 sept 2020

Sustainable is the future! Praise the Lord and all he provided for us!

Me gusta
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