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Prayers of the People in Tumultuous Times

Prayer for America, by Carolyn Walker - January 13, 2021

Dear God,

As the US House of Representatives meets today to consider Impeaching the President, guide their hearts and minds in all they do! Keep them safe! Let no one attack them or the Capital!

Be with the new President and Vice President! They know and love you! Let them feel Your presence! Give them Your love and Grace and peace! Guide them as they make decisions and begin their new offices! Let them be firm in their commitment to unite our country!

Bless the people of the United States! Teach them to be blind to race, sex, religious persuasion and to love their brothers and sisters! Bring peace! Unite us! Teach us to listen and converse patiently and openly with each other! Fill the hearts of those who with remorse and commitment to no longer harm others! Forgive all of us for ignoring your voice and no following your plan!

Thank you for the Coronavirus vaccines! Thank you for all the Scientists who have worked hard to develop these! Open the minds of people to take it!

Help us get the Coronavirus disaster in control! Be with all those who are sick! Be with their families! Be with all those who grieve for loved ones who have died from this deadly disease!

Thank you for all the front line workers working to care for those who are sick! Give them strength! Ease their minds and hearts! Let them know your peace!

God bless all those who are serving in the military or serving our country in other ways! Give them strength and keep them safe!

Bless all those who live and work at Our Lady of Peace! Be with those who have recently contracted Coronavirus! Be with all of us as we are once again Locked Down! But thank you that we are today getting the vaccine! We are so blessed to be living here and that you have given us everything we need!

Thank you for your unceasing grace and love! Let everyone feel your presence!

God bless our congregation! Keep us all safe! We know we can never be separated from your love even in this difficult time! Let us each one feel your presence in a very personal way! God bless Wesley’s staff who minister to us!

In the name of Immanuel, Amen

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