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Owned by God - Reflection on Romans 6:12-23 by: Renita Banks

I often hear portions of St. Paul’s letters with resistance. But this time I think he’s nailed it! A sentence from a sermon heard long ago has stayed with me: we are constantly asked to decide whose we are and whom we serve. Whose we are and whom we serve. The word “slave” catches in our throats, especially now, and throughout our country’s history. Another translation could be “one who is owned”, whose we are.

What if each morning, after brushing our teeth and washing our faces, we were to participate in the simple religious practice of reminding ourselves that, as Paul says, we are owned by God? We could say to ourselves, “Yes! Owned by God.” No longer enslaved by our anxieties and fears, by status or race. Not owned by job or addictions but owned by God who is Love. Owned by Love and servants of it---servants of this Love to a world that is sorely in need of it. So be it!

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