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Leadership Board Minutes - September 19, 2023

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church

PRESENT: Andrea Zimmerman, David Sandridge, John Olsson, Carolyn Ball, Rocky Shoemaker, Willow Drinkwater, Juliana Piacentini, Sue Lewis, Sherry Lambert, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: John opened the meeting with a devotion and prayer.


  1. Future leadership board meetings will all take place in the Forum room. AV equipment will be moved out of the Aldersgate room to allow it to be used for fellowship.

  2. Carolyn reviewed the use and location of the AED. It is stored in the kitchenette in the sanctuary. Carolyn has replaced the expired pads and will replace the battery as well. There is also a first aid kit in the kitchenette. Location of these will be noted in the newsletter so the congregation is aware.

  3. Sherry earlier had emailed the report to be presented at Charge Conference. Charge conference will take place on October 22, 2023 at 4 pm at First UMC. If anyone has items to add to this report, please let Sherry know. It was added that Wesley is reaching out specifically to young adults and grad students, and has an active core group.

  4. Andrea reports that the statistics prepared by Pastor Matt show an increase in both attendance and in giving for August 2023.

  5. Juliana reports the Young Adult group will have monthly dinners, and have already had a hiking excursion. She reports Devon is working with her to create programs for grad students.

  6. Andrea noted the town hall held on September 17 with the congregation was very positive and many good ideas were raised. New projects will need volunteers. Andrea will ask Monica to list “Ministry Teams at WMUMC” to the newsletter and to the website to show how parishioners can participate in the life of the church.

  7. Andrea reported there are currently no outside candidates applying for the interim position of Family Ministry coordinator. It was noted that Monica had applied prior to the announcement of an interim position. The position will be advertised at sites suggested at the town hall. It was discussed that Wesley will need an interim plan for volunteers who do both the Children’s message during worship, and volunteers who work with children during the worship hour. Pastor Matt has planned the topics/stories for the Children’s message during worship and volunteers need to know that they do not have to create a message, but just to read the message planned to go along with the lectionary. It was suggested at the Town Hall that children in Sunday School (during worship in the Ed building) have a snack in addition to a lesson and play time. For the youngest children, the Sunday School time will consist of a snack, a story and play time. A longer term issue is to have content during Sunday School which is appropriate for the older children. Carolyn suggested that volunteers for Sunday School receive the book that Rosie used for this, so they are also aware they do not need to create the lesson. Discussion occurred about possible use for an online curriculum called “Orange” which Pastor Matt had sent out to a few persons. It was noted that there are many craft supplies and children’s materials currently available in the red cabinets in the hallway between the fellowship hall and the education building, so that additional material does not need to be purchased. Monica will be asked to create a Sign Up Genius for volunteers, so that people can chose dates they are available.

  8. Sherry notes that Laity Sunday is October 15. John will provide the sermon. Devon is seeking student volunteers to do scripture readings and the Children’s message. Sherry has asked Renita to oversee the worship service . It was noted that Aiden will give the sermon on October 1 as Pastor Matt will be away.

  9. Andrea led discussion about handling urgent matters between leadership board meetings which cannot wait until the next meeting. These will mostly involve decisions about repairs and spending. It was suggested that “executive committees” of the pastor, the lay leader, the treasurer, and the person(s) involved in the issue make a decision on urgent issues, and then email to notify the entire leadership board. Carolyn made a motion to use “executive committees” for decisions on urgent issues when needed, and Sue seconded the motion. The leadership board approved this. It was noted that decisions about hiring , or that need further discussion by the board would not be managed through executive committees.

  10. Andrea notes that leadership may participate in interviews once candidates come for the Family Ministry position. Leadership will consider what the church wants from this position after Charge conference.


  1. The Building Use policy needs to be reviewed and updated. This policy would include what types of groups could use the building, and what the fee would be for use. Sue volunteered to review the old building use policy and begin to update it. All policies will be placed in a folder for leadership to access.


  3. Carolyn reports the preschool is going to place a sunshade in the playground area. The preschool has requested that one or more of the raised beds in the playground be moved, as children are not visible when they go behind it, and preschool staff needs to visualize the children. Carolyn proposed that the tallest raised bed be moved into the area between the church and the education building near the breezeway. Additionally , when the growing season is over, that Maria’s garden in this same area between the church and the education building be dismantled and the garden space be returned to a picnic area with a full size picnic table. Carolyn notes that the preschool parents are willing to move the raised bed. There was further discussion about the garden, as only a few church neighbors use it in addition to Maria. No one has volunteered to take on the garden projects since Rosie’s job was decreased to part time.

  4. Andrea questioned Pastor Matt’s note about electrician needs. Carolyn reports that when the structural engineer inspected the roof, it was noted that we will need to have an electrical maintenance plan in order to continue to insure the church property. She will follow up with this.

  5. Sue has gotten an estimate to seal and stripe the parking lots. The estimate was from James Davis in Crozet and is about $7000. This does not include stenciling of new numbers to the spaces. Carolyn will obtain a second estimate for this.

  6. HVAC-Carolyn has gotten 2 estimates to replace the AC unit in the back half of the sanctuary, one from A and J who did work in Maria’s house, and from RE Boggs. Carolyn notes that RE Boggs servies the boiler. Since we have a long term plan to move to electric heat pumps as units need replacing, Carolyn advised that we chose a company that will be able to manage this work plan over time. She notes the Boggs estimate is slightly higher but includes a product that is made in Texas, which hopefully would make parts easier to get over time that going with a product made in China. After discussion, Andrea will ask Matt Zimmerman to review the estimates and assist in the decision making.

  7. SPR budget: John

Churches are not required to have completed the budget for Charge Conference. However, churches are required to affirm the Pastor’s salary prior to charge conference. John, Sherry, and Pastor Matt are involved in the SPR budget. It is noted that last year no staff members received a cost of living raise. John Olsson, on behalf of the SPR budget committee, asked for an adjustment including cost-of-living increase to the salary for the Pastor Matt to be included in the budget for the next fiscal year. It was noted that the pastor receives housing and a pension funds that are not included in the salary line. Motion was made to make an adjustment to the pastor's salary with an increase to include cost-of-living to be presented at the Charge Conference. The motion was approved by the leadership board.


Discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

PASTORAL CONCERNS: Pastor Matt provided a written report in which he noted that there are 6 people in the New Member class. There will be a baptism in October. Pastor Matt will be away from 9/29 until 10/3. Ed Winkler will provide any pastoral care needs while Pastor Matt is away. Several names were raised to be added to the prayer list.


Report packet was approved by board without discussion.

CLOSING: Rocky closed the meeting with prayer.

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