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Leadership Board Minutes - November 21, 2023


PRESENT:  Pastor Matt Seaton, David Sandridge, Andrea Zimmerman, Carolyn Ball, John Olsson, Sue Lewis, Willow Drinkwater, Sherry Lambert, Victoria Hamilton, Maury Early, Sandy Staggers

OPENING:  Pastor Matt opened the meeting with devotion and prayer.


  1. Highlights and Thanksgivings-

  1. Sherry noted there was a good turnout at the Thanksgiving meal on November 19 and an excellent meal!

  2. Maury reported there were 20 bags of food along with money for the community Thanksgiving feast

  3. Andrea noted there were as many as 11 children present at recent worship services plus a baptism.

  1. Finance: David

  1.  Apportionments for 2023.  We owe about $20,000 for 2023 at this point.  This does not absolutely need to be paid by the end of the year; however, we want to pay soon enough to get the credit applied to the 2023 amount due.  District apportionments have been fully paid.  We will revisit apportionments at the December meeting as it becomes known what income there is between now and then.  

  2. 2024 Mission Grant application has been submitted by Aidan. 

  3. Stewardship Campaign-Sue

  4. 33 pledges have been received at this time.  There are approximately 15 families/giving units who generally have made a pledge who have not done so yet for 2023.  There are 6 new pledges from people/families/giving units who have not made a pledge before.  A reminder will be sent out to the congregation to ask for pledges to be turned in as soon as possible for budget planning purposes.

  5. 2024 Budget-David 

  1. Budget draft was reviewed and discussed.  It was noted that the draft includes an increase in rent for Maria’s family starting on May 1, 2024; and, an increase in rent for the IMPACT office beginning on August 1 2024.  Budget draft will be reviewed again at the December meeting.

  2. SPR section of draft-John

  1. Earlier this year council had approved a 5% cost of living raise for the pastor.  This required approval from the district (as our apportionments were not paid to 100%), which was obtained by Sue.  CE funding for the pastor was also increased.  It was recommended that the organist, office manager, and choir director receive cost of living raises.  

  2. Pastor Matt reports that Renita Banks has accepted the interim children’s ministry director.  She will begin in that role on the first Sunday of Advent, and will continue until May 2024.  Her focus will be on curriculum and quality content for the children.  An announcement of Renita’s acceptance of this position will be placed in the newsletter.

  1.  Trustees update: Carolyn

Carolyn submitted a written report.   It was noted that LED lights have been placed in the fellowship hall.   

 The electrician will be returning on December 18 to provide additional maintenance work.  The electricity will need to be turned off in the entire facility for that work.  The date was chosen as the preschool will be closed for break at that time.  Carolyn will notify the IMPACT office, Maria, and the janitorial service that the electricity will be off that date.  

The heat pump installation is proceeding with the money coming from the Capital account.  

It is noted that the ovens will need to be replaced prior to PACEM I February 2024.        


              There were no specific concerns discussed.  


              David noted a confusing sentence in the finance report of the October 2023 minutes.  It will be 

              Deleted.  The packet was approved without further changes.  The link to reports is below.

CLOSING:  Andrea closed the meeting with prayer.  Next meeting will be December 19 2023.

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