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Leadership Board Minutes - May 7, 2024

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church Leadership Board Minutes

Tuesday, May 7th 7:00-8:30 pm in SMF Room and Zoom.

Attending: Matt Seaton, Andrea Zimmerman, David Sandridge, Sue Lewis, Chris Reffett, Mandy Wilson, Elizabeth Hrncir, Willow Drinkwater, Victoria Hamilton, Sherry Lambert 

  • Elect secretary (AI tool; Andrea clean up and send out)

  • Mandy offered a prayer to open the meeting.

  • Highlights

  • Lots of new people in worship services

  • Celebration of graduates was lovely

  • Gardens have been planted

  • Music variety recently has been appreciated

  • Review, Updates, and Discussion

  • CE position–stipend for health insurance (up to $24k compensation in job listing)--Planned offer of $24k + $150/month health motioned by Elizabeth, and seconded by Mandy. All voted in favor.

  • During the next item, Pastor Matt called Tatum to offer the position, and she accepted! She will begin in August.

  • Pastor Review working group

  • Closed discussion of Mandy and Elizabeth’s drafts and other members added comments. Open for additional comments. Andrea will combine the comments and the group would meet with Pastor Matt before his vacation and then submit the report to the District.

  • Rent Review and walk-through of Maria’s house, parsonage, and IMPACT space

  • Maria’s Cottage walk-through has been conducted by Victoria and Willow.

  • IMPACT–David discussed utility usage. The space (rooms used and parking) were discussed. The lease renews in July. $400, Victoria made a motion to increase the monthly rent to $600, and Mandy seconded the motion. Sue and Willow abstained from voting. All others voted in favor. The motion carried.

  • Victoria and Sue will conduct the parsonage walk through over the next two months.

  • Building usage policy

  • Chris discuss fees of the meeting room and other spaces 

  • Chris motioned to change the fees for the Meeting room in the Education Building to $35 for 3 hours. Mandy seconded. All voted in favor.

  • Chris motioned to change the fees for the Aldersgate Room to $50 for 3 hours. Elizabeth seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

  • Victoria motioned to change the fees for the Nursery to $60 for 3 hours. Chris seconded the motion. Sue abstained from the vote. All other members voted in favor, carrying the motion.

  • The group discussed the facility's policy regarding fees for student groups. They decided not to have a specific policy, but to give Pastor Matt discretion in allowing discounts for certain groups like non-profits and student organizations. 

  • Other policy recommendations and who can use the space. 

  • All using the space must follow Safe Sanctuary policies.

  • Chris will submit the final draft for discussion next month.

  • 70th anniversary celebration

  • Victoria discussed obtaining quotes from contractors for Sanctuary refresh update with a floating floor in the bathroom and Pastor Matt’s office, which will cover and seal the asbestos flooring. From the flooding of Pastor Matt’s office in February, we received ~$1100 insurance money. One company quoted $7400k for labor; Marikus quoted ~$3500 for labor. Victoria is requesting a quote from Ted Horn for other spaces. Further discussion tabled until June when all quotes have been received. 

  • Sue raised concerns about repaving and relining the parking lot, and a decision was made to postpone this discussion until June, aiming to complete the lining project by the end of August.

  • Pastor Matt proposed a Green Church campaign to transition the church towards sustainable energy use through repairs and installation of solar or wind energy sources, funded by a capital campaign. The Leadership Board supported this initiative. Discussions also centered around the ongoing fundraising campaign, with Wesley suggesting launching a new campaign at the church's 75th anniversary to benefit future generations. This includes installing solar panels and other measures to save electricity. The parsonage and cottage roof need to be replaced. How much energy and cost can we save? The goal is to have proposals ready by September and begin promotion in June, with Sherry and Sue coordinating graphics and promotion with Monica.

  • The group discussed the need for more involvement from the congregation in leadership development and the challenge of engaging newer members in the church community. They agreed on the importance of better communication and outreach to keep members informed and involved. We plan to announce the Leadership Board meetings the Sunday prior and in the newsletter for others to join as interested and available.

  • Pastoral & Congregational Care Concerns

  • The group discussed whether they had met new people in the worship services, the fellowship of Saturday dinners and the Foods of All Nations gathering.

  • David Evans will share the message in the May 19th service. 

  • Rev. Devon Maust Earle will provide pastoral care May 13-17 and May 20-24.

  • Rev. Alex Joyner will provide pastoral care May 18-19.

  • If we hear of a pastoral care need, such as a hospital visit, please email either Devon or Alex during this time. If someone from our church dies while I am away, please let Monica know, and she will let Pastor Matt know. 

  • Chris proposed policy changes for same-sex marriage to the Board of Church Trustees for approval to align with the United Methodist Church's evolving stance. Chris motioned to allow weddings regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Mandy second the motion. All members voted in favor. 

  • Approval of Report Packet & Consent Calendar Items

  • Elizabeth’s last name to be corrected in minutes.

  • Closing & Prayer

  • Next meeting June 18, 7:00-8:30 pm (open in devotion/prayer-David, secretary-Mandy)

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