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Leadership Board Minutes - March 19, 2024

Wesley Memorial Leadership Board Meeting

March 19, 2024, 7pm-8:30pm, Adult Forum Room and Zoom

Present: Andrea Zimmerman, Chair; Matt Seaton, Minister; David Sandridge, Treasurer; Victoria Hamilton; Sue Lewis; Chris Reffett; Sherry Lambert; Elizabeth Hrncir; Mandy Wilson

1. Elect secretary (Mandy Wilson)

2. Opening Devotion and Prayer: Sue Lewis read a devotion from Disciplines; Isaiah 50:4-9;

The Faithful Servant.

3. Highlights

o Chris has been looking at our attendance statistics, and we have really good

numbers compared to last year, especially since Lent started.

o Andrea ran into some people at lunch after service on Sunday (March 17) who she knew through the church including Caleb and Sarah. David commented that he saw Caleb at church that day, and he had said he couldn’t return to NOVA without seeing Wesley. Sarah, who helped Maria when she first came, still attends virtually because of her work schedule.

o Sue reported on the Impact Meeting, where Pastor Seaton did a lovely job and the Bishop attended. Wesley had good turnout there, though not the 50 Maury had hoped for (43).

4. Review, Updates, and Discussion

o Holy Week Planning

 Palm Sunday 11am service (March 24) will cover Palms through the

Passion; this is different from what we’ve done in the past because

most people can’t attend Maundy Thursday.

 Maundy Thursday, March 28 th 7pm

 Good Friday, March 29 from 11am – 2pm – come at your convenience

 Easter Sunday, March 31: Two services with two baptisms; breakfast,

egg hunt, and bouncy house in between.

o Director of Christian Education Posting

 The working group has completed the job description for the Director of

Christian Education position. Pastor Seaton explained our process in

developing, including the survey submitted to the congregation and

reviewing similar postings from other. Sue asked where we will post

the position, and Pastor Seaton said we would promote it on Laity,

Clergy, Social Media, Three Notched and the Conference, and the

Wesley Foundation. Pastor Seaton suggested that a retired teacher is

probably ideal for this position, but it may be a bit much for a graduate

student, and that he does not think anyone is going to move to

Charlottesville for this. Sue motioned that the Job Description be

accepted, Chris and Victoria seconded, motion carries.

o Finance–Apportionment to be paid by end of March

 David sent out the financial report, but said there were no real surprises.

 Giving has been a little mediocre, but we received an $18K donation one

Sunday. David suggested that part of that donation be put for the apportionate

payment. We are $5K below budget as of the end of February. Regarding to

David’s motion, Sue and Chris say, “Just pay it – as long as we don’t need to

take it from a different line item, we don’t need to get it approved.”

 Chris asked about a $17K pledge that came in between February 4 th and 10 th , but the total for the month seems to be lower than that (the $18K didn’t come in until March). David will look at Quickbooks to see if those numbers match up. When large numbers like that come in, they go into in-and-out accounts, and 1/12 comes out every month, and the 1/12 goes into the monthly pledges and contributions. David reviewed the numbers and said that of that $17K Sunday, $12K of that was a full year’s payment, but that total also included

rent and other things that shouldn’t have been there. Pledges only accounted

for ~$3700.

 How did we spend snow removal this month? The snow removal company

billed $2500, and there were preventative measures done. Victoria saw them,

they also took care of sidewalks, parking lots, and preventative salting.

 Sue questioned the total for office supplies $1071.60(?) on Page 12, pushing

the budget for office supplies to 158%. David said some of it may be

bookkeeping or other things, and David said he would gladly itemize it for us.

Pastor Seaton also mentioned the new printer.

o Building usage policy (review if draft ready or break into working groups)

 Still in progress. Sue said the two policies Chris sent out as samples

were very nice. Sue thinks our current policy is straightforward, but

needs to be updated to remove COVID precautions and to reflect that

the office is not manned all the time.

 Chris (asking Pastor Seaton) mentioned that this revision was spurred

by the Boy Scouts Policy and asked what aspects concerned him.

Pastor Seaton said he was actually interested in the second page; if

you do a comparison of the fees for First United Methodist and

Aldersgate, there is a significant difference. He thinks we should

reexamine the fees we charge for weddings.

 Victoria mentioned that, regarding kitchen usage, Maria sent a text that

there was broccoli left over in the kitchen sink and the garbage

disposal was not working after a recent event, and the glass top of a

brand new stove busted during Pacem; Victoria suggested that it would

be reasonable to request a security deposit from people who want to

use the facilities.

 Pastor Seaton: We need to add rules about child safety (eg, two adults

need to be in the Sunday School room with the children).

 Pastor Seaton: “Outside groups are not allowed to play the organ, and

only preapproved people can livestream.” Victoria, could we offer

livestreaming for a fee? Chris says he isn’t sure we need to charge that

much because it is not that complex.

 Pastor Seaton has received 4 requests for the sanctuary in the past

two months, more requests for the fellowship hall downstairs.

 David: Is there any language to scrutinize people or purposes who

request to rent the space? We don’t allow alcohol and cigarette

smoking, but we may want to have language that allows us to use our

discretion for groups not aligned with our values. Victoria proposed that

we add a line that says that we need 2-to-3 weeks to review requests

and to allow a certain amount of time for response. What about anti-

LGBT evangelical groups? Sue: We could add a question about


Elizabeth: Maybe what we put on the program: “This is who we are …”

Chris: Maybe we should accept the evangelicals put post inclusiveness

posters, may end up recruiting new members.

 Chris pointed out that there is nothing in the document about pets.

 It was decided that this document is not quite ready for primetime yet –

Sue and Chris will work on it some more. Andrea asked Chris and Sue

to comment/revise/and circulate before next time.

 Fees: Chris does not think we are charging enough for fees; suggested

something similar to the UVA Chapel. Chris asked for occupancy or

square footage – we would guess about 200, but UVA Chapel is 250.

We have areas where the bride can get ready (Aldersgate Room, front

of house(?)

 We do not charge AA groups – they contribute donations. Andrea: We

could make a note about exemptions to the fees.

 We should all make comments on the document so we have

something to improve.

o Building maintenance concerns

 Victoria last year there was talk about doing the floors in the sanctuary

and front space, but maybe we would also like to paint. If we are going

to charge people to use our space, we should help it a little bit. Victoria

thinks there are funds that are unused that could be used for this.

 The walking path is down to raw Earth for Moose Trap (the cottage) –

we should put some kind of path in (possibly gravel) so mud isn’t

tracked in.

 The lake in the parking lot; there is a possibility so we might be able to

add drainage, and we may be able to get a grant for that, but getting

rid of the roots will kill the tree. It is possible that drainage was put

there in the past that may be clogged.

 The insurance is going to cover some work on the office ceiling and

floor damage.

 Victoria will get some quotes for us to discuss next month.

 Carolyn reported that the boiler was broken again, but Pastor Seaton

said they came and fixed it this morning.

5. Pastoral & Congregational Care Concerns

o Pastor Seaton is feeling better.

o Sue asked about Gaye – she is in rehab at Encompass.

6. Approval of Report Packet & Consent Calendar Items

o Sherry submitted the minutes from the February meeting, and there were

other reports included in the packet.

o Sue said that the Wesley 70 th Anniversary planning group met, and made

some interesting decisions that were changed immediately (Pastor Seaton

said this meeting was covered in the Ministry Report). Sue prepared a list of

events/trivia from the history of church, and report one per month in the

Wesley weekly newsletters. Andrea and Elizabeth commented that they

enjoyed Sue’s history piece in March. The anniversary celebration will be

September 22 nd . Sue said they will put out a “Save the Date” message,

possibly in the April Newsletter.

o We accepted the packet.

7. Closing & Prayer

o April 16 th : Mandy will do devotions.

o Andrea closed the meeting in prayer.

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