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Leadership Board Minutes - June 20, 2023


PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, David Sandridge, Andrea Zimmerman, Carolyn Ball, Aidan Workman, Rocky Shoemaker, Victoria Hamilton, Maury Early, Juliana Piacentini, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Carolyn opened the meeting with devotion and prayer.

STAFF REPORTS: Monica submitted a written report, which requested funds for giveaways for returning UVA students and for a bounce house for church events. Discussion deferred to budget discussions later in the meeting. It was noted by Rocky that there will be a sign up to assist Audrey Heivly as she comes home from her rehab. There were no other staff reports.


1) Leadership Covenant-Juliana. After discussion, the leadership covenant was approved as below.

Thank you for your willingness to serve our church through your servant leadership! We believe all people are made in the image of God, and that discrimination and exclusion are incompatible with the love of Christ. At Wesley, we are called into a new life of liberation, solidarity, and abundance.

As a leader at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church, I will strive to follow this stated vision and the leadership principles faithfully and humbly: 

Solidarity - we stand with those around us to protect and fight for the dignity of every person, who is created in the image of God.

Abundance - we know that when we work in harmony with the earth, God, and each other there will be more than enough to meet every need.

Liberation - we believe Christ came into this world to free us from the powers of sin, death, and injustice. We experience that liberation each week in worship, in the receiving of the sacraments, and in the way we work together to live in the kingdom of God.

Faith Commitments:

I will strive to put God first in my life. I will model moral integrity, treating all persons as children of God, deserving of God’s grace, mercy, and love. When failing these standards, I will seek forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Church Engagement: 

I will live fully into the commitments made in my membership vows as found in The United Methodist Hymnal on pages 45-49:

 Prayers. Have an active prayer life and pursue growth in our personal spiritual lives and contribute to the growth of others’ spiritual lives through small group participation. 

 Presence. To make worship of God, both private and public, a top priority. 

 Gifts. Model stewardship and financial integrity by contributing finances to the growth and sustenance of the church. 

 Service. To regularly give time to the ministries of the church

 Witness. Bear witness to Jesus Christ, through word and deed.

Leaders Standard of Practice: 

 I will make every effort in regularly preparing for, attending, and actively participating in Leadership Board meetings, including monthly meetings and the annual strategic ministry planning retreat.

 I will maintain appropriate confidentiality regarding private issues, except for cases of abuse, neglect, or potential harm to self or others. 

 I will affirm, encourage, respect, and support other persons who aid in God’s service.

 I will navigate differences or conflicts that may arise with respect, an open mind, and a spirit of resolution.

 I will hold myself, the pastor(s), and other Leadership Board members accountable for our responsibilities. 

Thanks be to God for this gift of the Leadership Covenant. May it guide us all as we strive to be more like Christ, and more like the Church Christ called us to be. To God be the glory!

2) Parsonage update-Aidan submitted a written report and it was reviewed. Pastor Matt reported that an electrician detected a fire hazard issue with the dryer which was then repaired. The electrician noted that the “mains” to the parsonage will need to be replaced at some point. A plumbing estimate from Wayne Gentry is still in the works. Further discussion deferred to budget discussion items later in the meeting.

3) UMC Corrective Action roof & electrical issues-Carolyn reported that the church’s insurance company needed a structural engineer to evaluate the roof , and to put into place an electrical maintenance plan prior to renewing the church’s insurance. This has taken place and there are no issues with the roof.

4) SPR annual reviews-Pastor Matt’s evaluation has been completed and submitted to the District. Staff evaluations are currently in process.

5) Fellowship Time and rotation update-Sherry will coordinate fellowship time and has 12 volunteers to participate. Fellowship will begin on the first Sunday in August and will be on the breezeway.


Andrea requests that reports be submitted to Monica or uploaded to Google docs a week prior to the meeting so everyone will have time to review. Reports should be named for identification.

After discussion it was decided to share the link to the reports in the minutes & in the newsletter for the congregations’ review. If a written copy is preferred by individuals, they can request a written copy from Monica. 


1) Finance decisions: David reviewed agenda below.

o Finance decisions

 Review budget. Positives are Maria moved May instead of July–line item

increase for rent, utilities in ed building decrease. Will be $24k short for

income budget, due in part to some congregant departures. The last

report will show the current value of investments as of 5/31/2023.  #1,#2,

and #3 are savings certificates that we are looking to liquidate (see last

minutes) and #4 is the report of the Endowment Fund which has some

restrictive purposes for the money.  The endowment fund designations

specify 33% to outreach/mission, 33% to local church enrichment, 33% to

capital expenses.  Since $30,000 must stay in the endowment, we have

approximately $27,200 at our disposal. Funds for Capital Campaign

available to use for parsonage and other church repairs and updates

 Where will apportionments, Wesley Foundation, and IMPACT line items

come from regularly. $28,800 to make current with apportionments.

-After discussion, a motion was approved to take $850 from local church

enrichment for Monica to use for giveaways for returning UVA students. She will

chose what items to purchase. It was suggested by Victoria that items have a

QR code which would connect to the website.

-It was also approved to take funds from the capital section for the remaining

parsonage needs and repairs.

-It was also approved to pay 10% of the apportionments that we currently owe for the first quarter and 10% for the second quarter , and likely 10% for the third quarter from the emergency fund. Near the end of the year we would need to pay the remaining 70% which we should be able to do, as income increases

toward the end of the year due to football parking money and other year end


-Donations for Impact and the Wesley Foundation will be taken from the outreach portion of the endowment fund.

-It was noted that the parsonage came off the property tax roles as of 6/1/23.

-After discussion, it was decided that Carolyn will contact Church Mutual

Insurance to discuss the liability issues involved in the use/ownership of a

bounce house. If there are no issues with insurance, it was decided to rent a

bounce house for July 16, as that is the date of the celebration at the end of

Vacation Bible School with picnic.


Pastor Matt, David and Andrea attended a continuing education event on

stewardship recently. Pastor Matt suggests the creation of a short term working

group that would a) fill out the annual stewardship plan, b) fill out the annual

giving plan, and c) manage the fall stewardship campaign. He suggested $500

be designated for this group to plan the main entrees celebrating the end of the

stewardship campaign for the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving. A motion to do so

was approved. Pastor Matt, David, Sue and 2 members of the congregation who

are not in the leadership group will form this working group.

CLOSING: Pastor Matt closed the meeting with prayer. Next meeting July 18 at


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