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Leadership Board Minutes - July 18, 2023


PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, John Olsson, Sue Lewis, Andrea Zimmerman, Juliana Piacentini, David Sandridge, Maury Early, Rocky Shoemaker, Sherry Lambert, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Juliana opened the meeting with a reflection and prayer.


1) Andrea opened discussion with a question of positive things we have seen at church, and what we are celebrating this month. The following were discussed:

a. Vacation Bible School was noted to be an active children’s event. There were 13 total children who participated, with about half of those coming from outside our congregation. There were many volunteers who participated, and the program was supported by a wide variety of age groups from among the congregation.

b. There was a large amount of food collected through VBS for the food bank,

demonstrating living out scripture.

c. It was noted there were 2 meaningful worship events that took place during Pastor Matt’s vacation, especially the one that was planned by Linda.

2) Andrea led a discussion about leadership in the church.

a. Leadership is thought to be best by active example- “boots on the ground”

b. Leadership is action-oriented, and involves putting forth a designated effort

c. Leadership involves facilitating the team/organization in achieving their goals

d. Leadership represents the voices of people in the congregation, and respectfully assists the congregation in meeting its goals

e. Leadership is servant oriented

f. Leadership models service to one another-to members of council, to members of the congregation, and to the community

g. Leadership involves giving to the growth of the church.

3) Stewardship Campaign-Pastor Matt

It has been noted that we should plan the budget earlier than in past years and try to “budget ahead” in advance. Pastor Matt has suggested a working group to plan the Stewardship Campaign which would help involve the congregation in budget planning. The working group will consist of Pastor Matt, Sue, and David, plus 2 others from the congregation. The Group will plan and coordinate the stewardship campaign in the fall, and coordinate the annual giving plan. Sue will send out an email asking the staff for their budget requests

For the next year, and the group will meet this week to find the 2 additional members from the congregation.

4) Staff mentors-Andrea

Andrea noted that in the past, staff members had an assigned mentor, to support and encourage them in addition to the SPR committee. David will communicate with Cameron, Sue with Monica, John with Linda, and Rocky with Rosie.

5) Annual conference-Andrea

Willow’s report from annual conference is included in the report packet.

a. Green church designation was raised at conference, to address climate change. There are initiatives on opposing the Mountain Valley pipeline, the

“Cool congregation”, and Advance #506 which is Caretaker’s of God’s creation. After discussion, it was decided to develop a Green Church Committee at Wesley, to evaluate ways we can get involved. There are conference guidelines to consider.

b. Regionalization-Sue

Sue reported on the Christmas Covenant, voted on at Conference. This would separate the General Conference into regional conferences which could address regional concerns without requiring votes of all groups. It maintains the UM church in the world, and establishes 5 regional conferences, of which the US is one. It is noted there are many differences in the UM church in the US. All regional conferences will continue to use the Book of Discipline, but will be able to interpret the discipline themselves. No action is needed from Wesley currently.


Action items in the trustee’s report were reviewed. After discussion it was decided to form a working group to address the issue of the rear sanctuary compressor. This group would investigate a clean energy replacement for the compressor/HVAC system once the estimate is received. This group will be separate from the Green Church group, but will likely need to coordinate

efforts with that group. Pastor Matt notes that funding through the Inflation Reduction Act would be a reimbursement after expenses were submitted to the IRS. Several names were suggested for this group and will be asked to participate. Andrea will send a message to Monica for placement in the newsletter.


A service for Celebration of Life for Robert Walker will take place at Ridley Restaurant, in the Draftsman Hotel, on August 5 from 2 till 5 pm. This was Robert’s place of work.


Link to all reports: 

Reports packet was approved by council.

CLOSING: Rocky closed the meeting with prayer. The next meeting will be August 22 at 7pm, which is not the usual Tuesday.

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