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Leadership Board Minutes - February 20, 2024

Wesley Memorial Leadership Board Meeting

2/20, 6:30-8:30, Adult Forum Room

Present: Andrea Zimmerman, Chair, Matt Seaton, Minister, David Sandridge, Treasurer, Sue Lewis, Elizabeth Hrncir, Mandy Wilson, Chris Reffett, Sherry Lambert, Willow Drinkwater, Victoria Hamilton (via Zoom).

  1. Devotion: Sherry

  2. Secretary: Sherry volunteered to take minutes.

  3. Highlights from the past month at Wesley:

  • Willow was grateful for the chance to get to know a member better after helping her following surgery.

  • Sunday Morning Forum has attracted more people

  • Sign ups for PACEM went well

  • The Healing Service

  • Ash Wednesday Service

  • Children’s Sermons

  1. Dreaming for the Future: 

  • 70th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of WMUM. Sherry is chairing a committee to plan this event. Date TBD. Looking at April, September or October.

  • VBS this summer

  • Steps to becoming a Green Church: Willow talked about ways WMUMC can become a Green Church. Discussed possible places for solar panels. Roof of the Sanctuary is too heavy. Education building, parsonage, and parking lot are all possibilities. 

  • Reviving the garden.

  • We are already doing a lot of things that were brought up in the Town Hall Meeting such as restarting the Food Bank collection, continuing the Thanksgiving bags, having snacks in the children’s Sunday School.

  • Draw more people to Wesley because of our Open Hearts, Open Door statement. Continue to look for ways to be more inclusive.

  • Grow our children and youth programming.

  • Hold a Confirmation Class in the fall.

  • Continue the Children’s Moment. Sign ups for that are working well.

  • Renita is doing a great job with Sunday School. Sends out a plan for the day to the volunteers.

  • Continue to look for ways to have the children participate in the life of the church. Having a special tree for them to decorate at Christmas worked well. Teach children the importance of recycling.

  1. Building Usage Policy: Sue was not able to locate it. Matt will send it to her. Matt has had about 6 requests to use the building, but we need an updated policy before letting others use the space. The suggestion was made to look at policies that other local churches use. The Leadership Team will review the policy next month.

  1. Christian Education Task Force Group: The group has met. See Ministry Report. They have put together a questionnaire that is being sent to families that attend Wesley, the paid nursery staff, and Rick Hamiliton, who is in charge of Adult Forum. The questionnaire will be in this week’s newsletter. The group meets again next week.

  1. Finance:

Discussed at what point Ministry Teams need to approach the Leadership Team when wanting to spend money.

Sue Lewis made the following motion: If a Ministry Team or committee has a budget, then it does not need to ask the Leadership Team to approve spending the money. Chris Reffett seconded the motion. All approved.

Discussed what a group should do when it has an idea that is not in the budget.

Sue Lewis made the following motion: We allow time sensitive expenditures of up to $200 without Leadership Team approval. Chris Reffett seconded the motion. All approved.

Discussed having a policy on bids for work that is needed

Sue Lewis made the following motion: Any expenditure over $1,500 should have a minimum of 2 bids. Victoria Hamilton seconded the motion. All approved.

  1. Trustees:

Church Mutual, our insurance company has dropped us. Two different companies are being researched.

A spring clean up day will be held. Date TBD.

Building Ministry: Flowchart of the building and grounds management is in the folder and will soon include all the vendors used for repairs. Victoria will add a few items to the folder.


  1.  Minister’s Report: See folder

  1. Prayer concerns were raised.

  1. Minutes from the February meeting: 2 corrections were made. The spelling of Hrncir and the fact that all members attended via Zoom. Minutes were approved with the suggested changes. Report Packet and Consent Calendar items were approved

  1.  Matt closed with a prayer. 

     Meeting adjourned at about 8:35 p.m.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Sherry Lambert

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