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Leadership Board Minutes - December 19, 2023


PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, David Sandridge, Sue Lewis, Rocky Shoemaker, Willow Drinkwater, Aidan Workman, John Olsson, Maury Early, Carolyn Ball, Sherry Lambert, Victoria Hamilton, Juliana Piacentini McGinty, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Juliana opened the meeting to note highlights of the past year.

1) Maria has passed her driver’s test and will now have a license

2) Maria and her family moved out of the church into a home

3) Great year for children’s ministries-VBS, Christmas pageant

4) There is now a solid group of young adults

5) Pastor Matt and Lacey moved into the parsonage

6) Inside fellowship has restarted

7) Many new people are coming to worship.


1) Highlights-it was noted that a request of many parents at the September town hall meeting

was to have music in the children’s Sunday School. Renita has started this.

2) Stewardship-Sue reports that about $190,000 has been pledged for 2024. This is somewhat

below our projected intake but does not include contributions that will come in addition to

pledges. A few people who have typically made pledges in past years have not done so yet,

and likely will pledge. 6 new individuals/families/giving units pledged this year who have

never done so. It is estimated that another $33,000 will come in the form of additional

pledges and contributions.

3) Finance-David

a. Apportionments-David reports we owe about $20,878 in apportionments for 2023. We have paid 100% of district apportionments, which will decrease slightly for 2024. Apportionments do not have to be paid prior to the end of the year. Discussion followed as to the amount of apportionments to be paid, and where to obtain funds. It was noted that we paid approximately 87% of apportionments for 2023. Because we did not pay 100% for 2023, it was required that we get special permission to give a raise to the pastor. After discussion, Carolyn moved to pay 100% of apportionments, and

Victoria seconded. Motion was approved by council. There is about $80,000 in the emergency fund. It was decided that if insufficient monies come in by the end of 2023, we will use the emergency fund to pay apportionments.

b. Budget-Sue. Budget proposal was reviewed at the November meeting. There was no new discussion. Carolyn moved to accept the proposed budget as discussed in November, and John seconded. Budget proposal was accepted.

c. Trustees-Carolyn submitted a written report. It is noted that HVAC improvements will be funded from capital funds. The electrical maintenance has not been paid. Ranges will be delivered the week after Christmas and also have not been paid.

d. Aidan reports there are a few parsonage expenses that will occur before the end of the year, some drywall upstairs was painted, lights and smoke detectors were installed, and a hole in the bathroom was repaired. It is noted that there is a gap in the wall where the electricity comes into the house which Dominion may have to look at.

4) SPR-John reports the pastoral preference form to the district has been submitted.

a. John notes that last year we asked the congregation for a love offering on Christmas Eve, to use for staff Christmas gifts. The ad hoc SPR recommended we approve funding for gifts, and use the love offering on Christmas Eve to fund a community need. After discussion funds of $150 for Pastor Matt, $100 for staff members, and $50 for nursery workers for gifts. Monies will come out of the Lentzsch fund. Sue made a motion and Juliana seconded for the Christmas Eve donations to be used for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Motion was approved.

b. Pastor Matt reports he will be meeting with Monica about her position.

PASTORALL AND CONGREGATIONAL CARE CONCERNS: Pastor Matt notes that Carol Hansen remains at the Laurels. Several new persons are coming to worship. Pastor Matt follows up with those who put in their contact information.


John moved and David seconded that the report packet be approved. Packet was approved without discussion. Link to reports below:



CLOSING: Pastor Matt thanked those who are coming off the leadership board at the end of 2023.

Members for next year are as follows:

2024 Sue Lewis, David Sandridge, Willow Drinkwater

2025 Andrea Zimmerman, Sherry Lambert, Victoria Hamilton

2026 Mandy Wilson, Elizabeth Hrncir, Chris Reffett

It was noted that Ministry Team chairs will not meet with the leadership board, and will have their own meetings. Ministry teams will submit reports to the board as needed.

Aidan closed the meeting with prayer. Next meeting is January 16 2024 at 7 pm.

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