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Leadership Board Minutes - April 16, 2024

Tuesday, April 16th 7:00-8:30 pm in SMF Room and Zoom.

Attending: Matt Seaton, Andrea Zimmerman, David Sandridge, Sue Lewis, Chris Reffett, Mandy Wilson, Elizabeth Hrincer, Willow Drinkwater 

  • Elect secretary (AI tool; Andrea clean up and send out–tool did not generate notes)

  • Opening Devotion and Prayer (Mandy)

  • Highlights

  • Celebration-187 people in person at 2 services on Easter; with livestream ~225

  • 9am 83; 11 am 131 + virtual = 301!

  • Baptism of Olivia

  • New member David

  • Church workday was productive

  • Review, Updates, and Discussion

  • Insurance obtained through new company, Brotherhood, increase of $600/yr

  • Staff Review process

  • Pastor Matt discussed the process where staff fill out self evaluation forms, and the LB working group fills out separate forms. The notes are compared between Pastor, chair, and SPRC. Pastor Matt has a conversation with a staff person and marks encouragement and celebrations and adjustments that need to be made. The Leadership Board requests one other person to attend staff reviews.

  • Pastor Review working group

  • Mandy and Elizabeth volunteered. Andrea will send them the form, which they will complete and share before the May meeting.

  • Rent Review and walk-through of Maria’s house and parsonage

  • Maria renews in May. Current rent is reduced to $800, and 3 people have stable employment. They pay their utilities through the Sanctuary fund. The rate with the previous tenants was $1000/month but before the heat pump and a/c were installed and improvements made. Pastor Matt wants to connect her with Habitat for Humanity. Willow motioned to raise the rent to $850, and Mandy seconded. All voted in favor. Victoria and Willow will perform the walk through.

  • The Leadership Board also requested a walk through of the parsonage. Victoria and Sue will perform the walk through for parsonage.

  • IMPACT-David will review utility usage. Discussion tabled until May.

  • Building usage policy (all to provide comment on document prior to meeting to review and approve at meeting)

  • Chris led a discussion on the building rental rates and comparable spaces in the area

  • The Leadership Board does not want to charge members.

  • Chris motioned to charge $250 for 3 hours with a prorated amount for longer use of the Sanctuary; $250 for 3 hours Fellowship Hall rental + $50 kitchen rental, with prorated amount after 3 hours; $150 security deposit, which will be returned to the renter, if the space is sufficiently clean. Mandy seconded. All voted in favor.

  • Chris motioned that non-profit organizations may receive discounted rates. Sue seconded. All voted in favor.

  • Chris will research the meeting room and other spaces for May’s meeting. Additionally, we need to discuss the other policy changes he is recommending and who can use the space. Willow shared the Fair Housing guidelines against discrimination for guidance. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing because of:

  • Race

  • Color

  • National Origin

  • Religion

  • Sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation)

  • Familial Status

  • Disability

  • Contractors for Sanctuary refresh update (Victoria was unable to attend. We will add this item to May’s meeting.)

  • HVAC replacement will cost $9894. 

  • HVAC unit went out summer 2023. Installed April 2024. At the 11/23/23 meeting, the Leadership Board voted for “The heat pump installation is proceeding with the money coming from the Capital account.“ The Capital Account has less now. Pastor Matt and David recommended that we use the Jarmen bequest to offset the difference. Mandy made a motion to move forward with this recommendation. Chris seconded. All voted in favor.

  • Green Team–Willow discussed a need to add soil to two garden beds and had price checked two local businesses with a requisition to buy the needed soil from Coop for $200. The Leadership Board recommended using the landscaping fund.

  • Pastoral & Congregational Care Concerns

  • Approval of Report Packet & Consent Calendar Items

  • We have received one application for the CE position. Pastor Matt has an interview scheduled for Zoom. After this, he will schedule a meeting with a few church people.

  • Closing & Prayer

  • Next meeting May 7th, 7:00-8:30 pm (change in date earlier in year based on Pastor Matt’s availability agreed upon and noted on calendar in shared reports folder)

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