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IMPACT Research Update

6,600 families are one paycheck away from homelessness because they pay more than half of their income toward housing. Here are some of the things we’ve learned and have happened this month:

  • An Affordable Housing Trust Fund is the 2nd highest priority in the county’s current housing policy! Thanks to Greta Dershimer who represents us on this committee!

  • Supervisor Donna Price and Councilors Sena Magill and Michael Payne are committed to attend the Nehemiah Action!

  • IMPACT has been asked to join a steering committee that will advise the City and Rhodeside Harwell (RHI) to update the comprehensive plan, rewrite the zoning code and develop housing strategy.

  • City staff recommends allocating $700,000 of the surplus to the CAHF, honoring the commitment set by the last council!

The Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail has voluntarily assisted in ICE’s detention of over 100 undocumented immigrants in the past four years, the majority of whom were non-violent offenders. 

This has resulted in a culture of fear within the over 10,000 immigrants in our community, keeping community members from reporting crimes and making all residents less safe.

  • County law enforcement official we met with identified fears of deportation as the largest reason for a lack of community trust.

  • The Albemarle Police Department found that a child had been raped and it went unreported because her parents were undocumented.

  • There is no law requiring the jail cooperate with ICE; it is a strict voluntary arrangement.

  • ICE does not notify any local law enforcement when they are conducting operations in the area.

  • ICE Notifications are not tied to federal funding in any way.

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