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Here I Am

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

This morning's service was profound and beautiful. Rev. Deborah Lewis from the Wesley Foundation gave a stirring sermon calling us to remember where God is in the world, in our community, in our lives.

“Here I am, says God… Revealed in the relationships you restore through justice. Present in the company you keep when you love your neighbors. That’s where I am, says God. This is not a quid pro quo bargain God is striking with the Israelites, or with us. It’s not: “Do this and then I’ll show up” or “Do this and I’ll finally notice all of your efforts.” It’s a reminder for the umpteenth time to a forgetful people: “Live like this…care for these…give up what you think makes you worthy…share with the ones who need what you have… because when you live like this you will see that this is where I live.” It’s a promise. Here I am. All along.”

Thank you Deborah for that reminder. Thank you to the choir and music ministry for words and music raised in praise and calling us to “Let our Little Light Shine” and asking the Divine to “Teach me, O Lord” and I shall keep it.

Teach us and we won’t forget where you are, for we will be there too – Loving our Neighbors, without exception.

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