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Council Minutes - October 18, 2022


Council minutes August 16, 2022

PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, David Sandridge, Maury Early, John Olson, Rick Hamilton, Sue Lewis, Jenette Parker, Carolyn Ball, Rocky Shoemaker, Juliana Piacentini, Matt Zimmerman, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Pastor Matt opened the meeting with prayer.

MINUTES: the minutes of the September 20, and the minutes of the October 1 meetings were approved.


David reviewed the written reports. The emergency fund of $90,000 discussed at the August meeting will be created using monies from the following in and out accounts:

1) Interpretation-$386.00

2) Worship Gifts fund -$55.00

3) Lawn care-$515.00

4) Horn estate-$43,919.00

5) Lentsch-$45, 312.55

6) Flower fund-$245.20

Funds remaining in the Horn fund total $43,772.52. Funds remaining in the Lentsch fund total $33,269.01. These funds were approved at the September meeting to cover the deficit up to $35,000 at the end of the year as needed. The Council approved a motion to allow David to determine what financial institution in which to deposit the emergency fund.

The revised budget draft was reviewed and discussed. Council approved the revised budget proposal with 2 dissenting votes.

TRUSTEES: Carolyn provided the written report below.

* A&J has completed the installation of the new heat pump system at the Moosetrap.

Mauricus Carpenter provided the carpentry services to make a larger access to the attic. Payment for this work came from the Lentsch fund as previously decided by council.

* Carolyn Ball will meet with Joel Loving of Environmental services on Friday 10/21 to have consultation regarding safe options for 4 areas containing asbestos- the attic of Moosetrap, adhesive in nursery, tilers in lower chancel room, and entry way and bathroom adjacent to pastor’s office. We have obtained 2 estimates for abatement and need further guidance as to necessity and way to move forward.

* Carolyn Ball met with Lynch Roofing regarding leakage occurring by gutter to left of south Emmett Street entrance which is leaking into women’s bathroom and sill is completely rotten. A hole was found there in the gutter and will be repaired.

* There is a leak in the office radiator and WE Brown has evaluated and is coming back Wed 10/19 to repair.

There is also a leakage issue likely from condensation drain from minisplit above the choir room. The choir room ceiling tiles have become wet. Moisture abated currently without condensation but will need to be addressed.

* ABC Fire Extinguisher company is to do inspection this month.

* Discussed rent increase with Heather Swindler at CSPS to $1200/month starting May 1 with their new lease. They are in agreement with this change.

Carolyn will work on a priority listing of needed repairs. Council thanked Carolyn for all the work she is doing with the trustee issues.


There was no written report. SPRC interviewed a ministry candidate-Aiden Workman.

Candidates must be recommended to seminary by SPRC. Sue reports Workman’s

name will be passed along to the district and Virginia Conference.

NURTURE: Rocky provided the written report below.

The Prayer Group responded to UMCOR's call after Hurricane Ivan with an October campaign to Fill the Bucket with cash donations. Supplies to fill_______buckets were purchased. 

They will be packed during a fellowship gathering October 30 after church, by diverse teams of young, old and new members: (1 recent visitor, 1 long-time member, 1 child plus parent), while the rest of the congregation cheers them on. Jerry and Rocky will deliver the completed buckets to the Culpeper collection site.

The number of buckets is incomplete at this time as the collection will continue through October 30.

WITNESS: Juliana provided the written report below.

*The Monthly Market Mondays group is increasing in size each time we gather! We are looking at potentially organizing additional activities to do as a group, which may include volunteering or attending local events together.

*Juliana would like to explore starting a calendar of Witness-related community events and hopes to establish this by the end of the year.

OUTREACH: Maury provided the written report below.

Regarding my report, so far, we have 12 kits for the Fluvanna Women’s Correctional Center. I would like to promote it and the giving of forever stamps one Sunday in the church announcements. Also, the IMPACT annual assembly is Thursday Oct 27, 6:30 pm, Church of the Incarnation. 


Pastor Matt reports he is recovering well and expects to return to normal duties 8 weeks postoperatively.

Charge conference will be October 25 at Aldersgate. It is in person with no online availability.

Sue and David are planning to attend with Pastor Matt. Sue will serve as charge conference secretary for Wesley.

Nominations committee-Pastor Matt reports we are still in need of persons to accept the following roles: 1) lay leader, 2) finance chair, 3) treasurer, and 4) church council leader.

Victoria Hamilton and Aiden Workman will join the trustees in January 2023. Willow Drinkwater will be the lay delegate to annual conference. Andrea Zimmerman will be joining the nominations committee.

CLOSING: Rocky closed the meeting with prayer.

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