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Council Minutes - March 14, 2023


March 14, 6:30-8 pm at Tip Top Restaurant

Present: Maury Early, David Sandridge, Pastor Matt Seaton, Carolyn Ball, Victoria Hamilton, Juliana Piacentini, John Olsson, Sue Lewis, Willow Drinkwater, Rocky Shoemaker, Andrea Zimmerman

OPENING PRAYER: Pastor Matt opened the meeting/meal with prayer.


  • VBS will be July 10-14, 1-6pm

GOALS & HOPES for 2023

  • Continue dinners

    • Some prefer if people can stay with the same group 2-3 months. A good number for group dynamics and conversation is 6 if hosting or 6-8 if going out.

    • Appreciate the guiding question for discussion (e.g. 2not2church, Theology is Life)

    • May need additional ways to reach people instead of email (call, text?)

    • Deeper conversation with people they know and meeting new people

    • Would childcare help people participate? Or different times? Another church has church kids’ worker there to spend time with kids

  • More structured discipleship opportunities for kids (e.g., acolyte training, confirmation class)

  • Prayer group

  • Assign a “sponsor” to new people

  • How to reach visitors?

  • Need low bar engagement/service opportunities to help connect with new and seasoned attendees

  • Fellowship after Sunday service

    • Would especially help meet new people, students, connect with some who have been coming but we do not know yet

    • Sue will call Stella to create a small working group of people to decide how often, where, how, etc. we do this.

  • More opportunities to do things as congregation like family movie night, game night, hymn sing, presentation we watch and discuss, mini retreat, concert or performance, talent show

DISCUSSION: Leadership Covenant

  • A work group will discuss and send an updated version by the April meeting for discussion. Work group: Sue, Rocky, Pastor Matt, Juliana


  • CertaPro

    • Updated quote will increase previously approved budget by $2000. Carolyn made a motion that we approve the additional $2000 from the same in/out account as the initial approval. John seconded the motion. All voted in favor.


  • Juliana had followed up with Devon about Foundation students. Most are undergrads. Monday nights at the Dairy Market is drawing some grad students who are easier to contact than young working adults

APPROVAL OF CONSENT CALENDAR: John motioned to approve as submitted; Juliana seconded; All voted in favor.

CLOSING & PRAYER: Andrea closed the meeting with prayer.

Next Meeting: April 18th, 7-8:30 pm (Sue will offer a devotion.)

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