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Council Minutes - January 17, 2023


Council Minutes January 17, 2023

PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, Andrea Zimmerman, David Sandridge, Sue Lewis, John Olsson, Maury Early, Carolyn Ball, Jenette Parker, Sherry Lambert, Rocky Shoemaker, Rosie Snow, Cameron Pampus, Victoria Hamilton, Monica McCormack, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Andrea opened the meeting with a reading and prayer. All members were introduced as follows:

Andrea Zimmerman-chair

John Olsson-chair of SPRC and chair of Healthy Church team

Sandy Staggers-secretary

Sue Lewis-finance chair

David Sandridge-treasurer

Maury Early-outreach chair

Pastor Matt-minister

Jenette Parker-SPRC member

Carolyn Ball-trustees chair

Sherry Lambert-Lay Leader

Rosie Snow-Director of Christian Discipleship

Rocky Shoemaker-nurture chair

Cameron Pampus-Director of Music Ministry

Monica McCormack-administrative

Victoria Hamilton-trustee member

MINUTES: the December minutes were amended to state that Pastor Matt withdrew from his D. Min. program. The minutes were accepted as amended.

STAFF REPORTS: Rosie provided the written report below.


- So far, we have had about 7 kids and babies in church on Sundays this year. We are in the nursery now.

- We are beginning a curriculum on Spiritual Disciplines 1/15. It will last about 10-12 weeks. I have made copies of the overview and handout; practices to give out to parents. Let me know if you want a copy.

- I am working on convening a Child Programming Committee to help me plan curriculum and Vacation Bible School. Any takers??

- We have Sunday School volunteers through 2/19. Here is the sign up if you want to volunteer.

- Safe Sanctuary updates: Our paid childcare providers and volunteers have signed/are signing printed copies of our policy. Parents have been signing image release forms as well. And we will be joining (virtually) a safe sanctuary training hosted by a UMC designated trainer sometime in March.

- I am working on a Quarterly Guide for parents/caregivers with information on curriculum and upcoming events that will live on the website

- I am close to submitting a grant application for funding for Vacation Bible School

- Upcoming: Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday planning

Small Groups

- Sunday Morning Forum began last week with a class on Religious Trauma that drew 20 people in person and online. The schedule still needs to be filled out and I am working with Rick on that.

- Maria's wares have been moved so that there is more space in the SMF room, and we should continue improving that space

- The Julian of Norwich's Divine Revelations study on Tuesdays at 7pm has begun. So far there are 6 regular attendees.

- Open Table Fellowship has resumed, with five new people joining in the New Year

- The Trans Defense group has resumed. We may be welcoming some new folks soon.

- The first monthly game night will be Saturday 1/21 @4pm at my house. Let me know if you would like to join!


- I have been sending emails reaching out to folks we haven't seen for awhile and have received some positive responses

Discussion noted that many volunteers will be needed to help with planning and carrying out the VBS, Sunday School, and Christmas programs. Rosie hopes to have VBS for about 5 hours daily for a week during the first week of July.

Monica provided the written report below. Monica:

Office Schedule

- My new schedule is working well. I am finding a new rhythm with working from home three days and coming into the office on Thursdays. So far everything is going smoothly. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday the office is manned by volunteers who answer the phone, bring in the mail, tidy the sanctuary after worship, and do other small tasks that need to be done in person. I am grateful to all those who are volunteering each week.

- I have taken over two tasks previously done by the Treasurer and will be doing those entries into Quickbooks on Thursdays. I met with David to learn how to do both.

- W-2’s are ready and will go out the end of the month. VA and Federal withholdings are still being paid manually until we receive our VEC (Virginia Employment Commission) number, which has been applied for.

- A new sign is being ordered for the playground area stressing No Dogs Allowed.

- Parking – all spots are rented in the lot and Parking Agreements for 2023 are being signed by each parker and returned to me. Spots 15 and 16, usually used by the tenants in Moosetrap, are now available for daily renting. I have one parker who wants to rent daily and will look for a few more to generate per diem income from these two spots. They can also be used by the Wesley Foundation.

- Christmas bonuses have been added to payroll this month, thank you very much, and the new payroll for me, Cameron and Linda have been entered into Quickbooks. No payroll or financial information will be kept at my home office.

- Newsletter – the deadline to add anything to the weekly newsletter is the end of the day on Tuesday. Please email me anything you wish me to add, and I am happy to do so.

- Bulletin – the deadline for the bulletin is Monday morning before noon. I translate the bulletin and the scripture readings into Spanish every week for Maria and her family and print out copies and put in their pew. Edwin, the oldest son, has told me that he really appreciates having the service translated into Spanish.

- Church Directory – I updated the directory in a Google Doc and it is available to anyone who wants the link.

Discussion noted that the Wesley Foundation has been notified by Pastor Matt of the availability of 2 parking spaces since the tenant has vacated the Moosetrap. Written copies of the church directory will have to be requested from Monica. It was noted that we will plan to have a separate wifi password established to give to PACEM guests and not the password used for church business.

Cameron did not provide a written report. He noted that he is continuing to recruit for both the chancel choir and the bell choir.


Sue noted that she has obtained the Guidelines for Finances from the UM church and is reading through it. It was noted that there are District Training Workshops for new council members and people are encouraged to take part in these.

TREASURER: David reviewed the written report. It was noted that Wesley has paid 100% of District apportionments, and 85% of conference apportionments for 2022. Year end gifts for staff were as follows with the amounts being pretax income:

Rosie, Cameron, Monica and Linda received $292.50 each.

Nursery Workers received $146.25 each.

Pastor Matt received $877.50.

The emergency fund has been set up in Carter Bank

TRUSTEES: Carolyn provided the written report below.

*Moosetrap tenant still in process of moving out and has paid now through January. We will begin clean up and assessment of inside needs when vacated.

* Tom Miller and Carolyn Ball continue 2-hour weekly work time and have cleared the Epworth Hall hallway/ramp of items in preparation for PACEM. We will move to storage room in next several weeks.

Does anyone have reservations regarding selling/donating or otherwise removing the 4 pews which are stored?

* Carolyn Ball has met and done walk through with Victoria Hamilton and is scheduled to do so with Aiden Workman on 1/14 to familiarize them with our buildings, grounds and priorities for the coming year. This includes new flooring and possible upgrades in the sanctuary bathroom and Emmet St entrances and the lower chancel room, revitalizing the adult forum room starting with clean up and generally decluttering and cleaning out the spaces we do have.

* A sign will be put on the playground that no dogs allowed after preschool toys/large blocks were ruined apparently by a dog. This is in keeping with public playground restrictions to keep bacteria from animal waste out of children's play areas.

*A UVA baking club requested to use our kitchen once a month to do baking. WE have OK’d their request with limitations of coordinating with Maria and no meeting during PACEM.

*We have NOT yet met with Maria and Marcelino to propose they move to the Moosetrap which has been discussed by council. The rent would be $800/month and they would be responsible for the electric bill. Move in would occur after replacement windows installed and exterior painting completed.

We would like to include in that discussion that they would need to vacate the education building rooms if they choose not to move to the Moosetrap within 6 months of the discussion. With the council's approval we would like to schedule this conversation with M and M and a translator. An agreement will be

drafted and signed at the conclusion.

-Discussion followed regarding Maria and her family’s residence. There was a motion to meet with Maria and Marcelino with a translator, to begin discussion of the family transitioning to alternative housing outside the education building. This could be the Moosetrap, with the rent being planned for $800 per month plus utilities. They will still need access to the church kitchen for her catering business.

There would need to be a written lease for the Moosetrap, with a plan for them to move out of the education building around July. Motion was approved by council.

- There was also discussion about asking for volunteers to help with trustee work.

SPRC: John

There is no report.

WITNESS: No report.

NURTURE: Rocky provided the written report below.

The Prayer group is very much missing Monica's role in our weekly meetings, both her loving spirit and her organizing assistance. Hopefully she can jump on zoom with prayer requests and updates from time to time.

Pastoral meals are being scheduled at Martha Jefferson House and University Village. Please let me know if any other visitation opportunities.

Worship Committee will be meeting soon to coordinate Lent and Easter worship, plus any needed Sundays before then.

OUTREACH: Maury provided the written report below.

The primary concentration during the upcoming weeks will be on hosting PACEM. From Feb.11 to 25, we will have up to 25 guests, typically 8 women and 17 men, housed in our basement from 5:30 PM to 7AM daily. Dinner will be provided each night.

In church starting Jan. 15, there will be announcements and clipboards for folks to sign up for supplies and to volunteer to help. We need volunteers for set up on Saturday morning Feb. 11, 8:30AM and for takedown on Saturday Feb. 25, 8:00AM. Also, we need at least 2 volunteers to help on site each evening, 5:30-9:00 PM.


Pastor Matt reports he believes Wesley to be coming out of a rebuilding phase. PACEM is returning.

New families are coming and volunteering. Staff was thankful for the Christmas gifts from the congregation. There is a plan for a large group event each month in addition to the many small group events.

New Business: - Andrea proposed a spring retreat, for council and/or the congregation. Discussion followed.

-There was also discussion about the workload placed on the trustees, and how to increase participation in trustee projects and/or hire out some of the work.

CLOSING: Pastor Matt closed the meeting with prayer.


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