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Council Minutes - December 21, 2021


COUNCIL December 21, 2021

PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, Rick Hamilton, Matt Zimmerman, Maury Early, Sue Lewis, David Sandridge, Wayne Malbon, Sherry Lambert, Carolyn Ball, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Carolyn opened the meeting with prayer.

MINUTES: of the November meeting were approved with correction of a typo of HEPA filters, not heap filters.

TREASURER/FINANCE: David reviewed the report and the budget proposal.

Nancy Horn has given an undesignated donation which is now in a separate fund. The landscape fund will use some of this money.

At the end of 2021, we will have paid 100% of the Priority 1 apportionments.

After discussion, a motion was made by Carolyn to accept the 2022 budget proposal. Motion was passed and the budget approved.

Trustees Report-Carolyn *The boiler inspection was done with Roger McDonald in attendance. They did a comprehensive inspection including checking the electric panel boxes. We are still awaiting the report but the only issue mentioned was dust in the panel box which may need to be cleaned by an electrician.

* Parking signs with increased spaces for visitors were installed by Roger McDonald and we are awaiting a large sign to be posted regarding towing of vehicles Mon-Sat. There continues to be a problem of folks parking in the rented spaces and our reserved parkers arriving to find their space taken. Sue Lewis has been main person proofing signs. * The Power Team (looking at solar power possibility and efficiencies of church systems) had an assessment with A and J HVAC to look at our systems and their remaining likely longevity and whether duct work above back of sanctuary was insulated. This was also in conjunction with a separate quote for insulation by Weatherseal. Findings of note are that our outdoor heat pump units for the AC are 23 years old and more significantly that our system for the sanctuary and fellowship hall has no return duct work. It is a very inefficient system and would not pass current code. Christine Alencar who chairs the team has contacted a recommended Engineering firm and will be checking the cost to have the system and building evaluated to address the cost/benefits of our HVAC still with an eye to solar conversion. * Carolyn Ball arranged for a carpenter, Danny Kartheiser, to do a few jobs at church on 12/14. These included fixing the hymnal rack on one of the pews, fully closing and eliminating the gap in Pastor Matt’s office window, installing baby changing table in the sanctuary bathroom, trimming out and installing the wired portion of the ADA door (still needs paint), fixing crack in trim by rear sanctuary door latch. * Lawn service contract ended for the year and Hughes Landscaping did a leaf “chopping”. They will do the snow removal as needed. * Carolyn, Sue and Rosie Snow met with the leadership of the Head Start program which has requested to rent our nursery. MACAA which runs Head start would want to use the nursery for infants and children to 24 months in age. They would have 8 infants and 8 children to age 24 months. Hours are from 7:30 am till 5:30 pm 5 days per week. MACAA will provide all the needed supplies. Discussion followed regarding appropriate rent to ask. It was decided to ask $600 per months and to put into the written contract that Wesley will provide $300 per month “in kind” donation for Head Start.

SPR: Sherry

1. We went over the Clergy Reappointment form, which is due to the District office by January 7.

2. The Employee Policy Manual was approved by the Church Council at its November meeting. Matt shared the manual with the staff. A few questions were addressed at the SPRC December meeting. The biggest question that Rosie and Monica had concerned their sick leave days. When they were hired, both Rosie and Monica were told that sick leave would be offered separate from vacation leave. This was written in Rosie’s job description and told to Monica. To honor what both employees had been told but not be held to this for future hires, SPRC decided to give both Rosie and Monica 25 PTO days that they can use for sick leave, appointments, vacation time., etc. , and leave the Employee Policy Manual PTO policy the way it was written and approved. The Employee Policy Manual states that once a full time staff member works 5 years, they receive an additional 5 days of PTO. However, this will not be given to Rosie or Monica, since they have already been given the 5 extra days. In addition, Rosie and Monica will be offered the chance to join a dental plan through their health insurance plans.

3. Decided to ask Council to approve giving $500 for staff Christmas gifts.

(Post-)COVID Group Report-Matt Z

· The (Post-)COVID group met via Zoom on Mon Dec 13.

· We have once again exceeded the 25 daily cases per 100K population for the Charlottesville metro areas, as of late last week.

o Previously when we reached this threshold (Sept-Oct), we went back to livestream-only (given the logistical difficulty of outdoor services).

o However, many experts predict that it is likely that COVID case numbers will continue to peak and ebb for the foreseeable future, possibly for years to come.

o The group agreed that repeatedly suspending in-person worship does more harm than good.

· Accordingly, we would like to change the policy that an increase beyond 25 daily cases will no longer trigger suspension of indoor, in-person worship. Instead, we will:

o Inform the congregation of the situation so they may make informed decisions.

o Begin offering two worship services (on Sunday) with online sign-up for each

o Strongly encourage the congregation to get vaccinated and/or booster-ed

o Continue to follow the other mitigations already in place: ventilation, masks, social distancing, etc.

· Two worship services

o 8:30am and 11am

o The staff will create online signup forms for each service, capped at about 40 people per service per Sunday

o The actual capacity of the church while maintaining social distancing is probably about 60, so that allows some overflow for visitors and congregants who forget or are unable to use the online signup

o Will take a few weeks to implement:


§ Dec 19: one 11am service, no signup

§ Christmas Eve: two services (4p + 7p), no signup, but will have ushers on hand to direct appropriate seating with social distancing

§ Dec 26: no in-person worship, in lieu will be livestream from VAUMC

§ Jan 2: start two services (8:30a + 11a) with signup

· We should strongly encourage people to get vaccinated and/or booster-ed

o Include information about how to get them?

o Offer to provide transportation for people as needed

o Get some ushers

· Action items

o Find another usher for the 4pm Christmas Eve service (Sandy is the other

o Send a blurb to Monica for the weekly email about the current COVID status

NURTURE: No report

Witness Report – December 21, 2021

· Juliana is continuing to develop the Wesley NOW Ministries Catalog

· Juliana and Rosie are in the process of refreshing the Young Adults ministry

o The Young Adult lunch on December 5 went well

§ We received helpful feedback on how to make this ministry the most effective

§ We are going to pair Young Adult fellowship lunches with bell choir events early next semester

· Rosie will be starting a parent/guardian group in January

· We will continue to reassess the needs of the Young Adults into the next year

§ Many Young Adults are involved in other ministries of the church, so we want to take that into consideration

§ Juliana wants to make sure that the group of people older than undergrads but not quite into parenthood/guardianship are also being reached


Maria has signed up for the city winter market which takes place at the Key Recreation center on Market St. It takes place from January through March in the gymnasium at the facility, from 9am through 12 noon. There are fewer vendors than at the summer market. Cost to Maria is $25 per session. She will need volunteers for transportation to and from the market, and people to sit with her to assist her with sales.

PACEM needs for dinners at the congregate shelter at First UMC and at University Baptist (to follow FUMC). Meals are for 15-25 persons and must be individually packaged. There will be no serving the meals, prepare meals and drop off only. Dates in December are 12/27 through 12/30 and there are 6 dates open in January. Grant money is continuing to feed people at Premier circle.

IMPACT: 8 church members were at the downtown vigil. Pastor Matt was a speaker.

UVA FOOD BANK-Monica and Rocky are pursuing this.


Pastor Matt has been here at WMUMC for 6 months. We have been in and out of in person worship, upgraded the sound system, upgraded streaming services, now have a handicapped accessible door, have accelerated plans to develop accessible outdoor spaces, have conducted several funerals. Pastor Matt has participated in several team building functions including the Impact vigil and a ministry group with different faith groups.

CLOSING: Pastor Matt closed the meeting with prayer.

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