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Council Minutes - Charge Conference 2020

Charge Conference 2020

November 8, 2020 at 5 pm via Zoom due to COVID19 restrictions in gathering

Attending: Rev. Kesner, Rick Hamilton, Matt Zimmerman, Andrea Zimmerman, Rev. Rocky Shoemaker, Rev. Woodson, Carolyn Newsome, Sue Lewis, Martha Sikes, Sherry Lambert, Rev. Heaton, Nancy Horn, Jack Horn, Jenette Parker, Linda Hanson, Juliana Piacentini, Alan Drinkwater, Wayne Malbon, Lee Malbon, Sandy Staggars, David Sandridge, Carolyn Ball

  1. Welcome

  2. Elected Andrea Zimmerman to participate as recording secretary for the Charge Conference unanimously.

  3. Opening with video and prayer from the Conference

    1. Page for donating to the Blue Ridge Food Bank (4 meals per $1 donated, Foodies for Christ, get food from stores and also local farmers, supports 25 counties)

  4. Laity reports

    1. Matt Zimmerman (lay leader) shared about the past year at Wesley MUMC. Providing a safe space for Maria and opportunity for her to raise funds. The church has done a good job focusing on reaching out and being church home for those who may have found themselves rejected by the church or have not felt welcome in a church before. Participating in IMPACT to seek social justice in local community.

    2. The lay leadership report and the positions as presented to the October Council were presented and passed unanimously.

  5. Pastors’ report

    1. Rev. Heaton discussed the unique situation of this year and the pastoral arrangement. Rev. Woodson and Rev. Heaton took turns reading their report regarding changes due to COVID19, caregiving during this time, increased awareness regarding racial injustice and addressing this need, and their gratitude in their pastoral partnership.

    2. Rev. Shoemaker attended this meeting but does not have an official report to share.

  6. Note on pastoral share

    1. Rick shared appreciation. Wayne shared on behalf of SPR from the survey that went out to congregants. Rocky and Sue shared thanks especially during COVID19 times.

  7. Closing of official business of Charge Conference

  8. Rev. Heaton offered a closing prayer

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