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Council Minutes

May 19, 2020

Attending: Carolyn Ball, Rick Hamilton, Sherry Lambert, David Sandridge, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman, Isaac Collins, Wayne Malbon, Juliana Piacentini, Sue Lewis

Not present: Alan Drinkwater, Roger McDonald


Approval of minutes

  1. Sue motioned to accept the minutes as written. All approved.

Finance/Treasurer’s report

  1. The PPP loan helped us stay almost even for the month. We can also now use PPP for housing allowance. The PPP loan is through June.

  2. In July, we begin a flat payment for pastor salary and do not anticipate expenses for housing allowance or pension.

  3. We have received May rent from Chancellor Street Preschool.

  4. The -21,991.56 represents checks and online payments that were made in 2019 on the previous bookkeeping system that did not clear the bank until after Jan.1,2020 and thus reduced the opening balance accordingly.


  1. Chancellor Street Preschool has moved in. A few locks replaced by Buck for preschool space.

  2. Trustees looked at humidifiers, which seem to be the old ones prior to Mollie Michie, but they are working okay.

  3. Carolyn recommends using Kennedy to service the mini-split heating and air units and will call.

  4. There is a small drip in a sink in the office. Carolyn called the plumber. He will also look at Moosetrap to determine whether the w/d could be moved.

  5. There is a split in the wall of the portico. Sue will ask Martin Horn.


  1. A small committee is working together for the pastoral transition, details (especially given we are in a virtual world), and details for the upcoming announcement on May 24th.

  2. The announcement will go out Saturday evening and a church wide Zoom will occur at 9:30 am on Sunday to answer any questions. The Sunday call will be recorded and the link shared through MailChimp.

  3. The council decided that due to extenuating circumstances, we would provide Gina with an amount of severance equal to two months salary. This was an exceptional move, not to be taken as a matter of policy for the church.

Outreach ministries

  1. Carolyn submitted a statement regarding Chris for the Council to consider:

“For the last year, Chris McNeil has been living at Wesley Memorial and attending worship. Wesley affirms that Christ is calling us into a sustained relationship of support and mutual care with Chris. The church council officially recognizes our aid to Chris as a ministry to the church, and welcomes all that such a relationship may entail. The council enters into a covenant with God to provide care and assistance in partnership with Chris and without assuming authority over his life.”

  1. David made a motion to accept the statement as proposed and Matt seconded the motion. All voted in favor and the motion carried.

Minister’s report

  1. Isaac has been working on the transition and with the staff for preparations for the interim weeks and announcement. He is finalizing and closing an UMCOR grant received for interpretation equipment. He has had a repair to the laptop, which is property of WMUMC. His office will be cleared by June 14.

Close (Next meeting June 9)

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