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Council Minutes

April 21, 2020

Attending: Carolyn Ball, Rick Hamilton, Sherry Lambert, David Sandridge, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman, Isaac Collins, Wayne Malbon, Juliana Piacentini, Sue Lewis

Not present: Alan Drinkwater, Roger McDonald


Approval of minutes

  1. David motioned to approve the minutes as presented. Juliana seconded. All voted in favor.

Finance/Treasurer’s report

  1. March spending exceeded income by $2637.99. All bills are up to date but no spending on apportionment and will probably wait until after June 2020.

  2. CARES Act PPP loan came through in the amount of $30800. Funds must be used in 8 weeks (June 15) to cover payroll, pension and health insurance. Up to 25% can be used for utilities.

Pastoral Transition Discussions (SPR closed discussion)


  1. MOU for Canceller Street Preschool has been signed. They have no intention of bringing in children until August. Will take possession May 1 for painting and other work. Sue has not received a message from the person in charge (Blair?) of Sanctuary Scholars to move the room. Mr. Turner is continuing to do work. The crew is still employed. New company mowing the lawn is doing a great job.


  1. Staff meeting a couple of times per week. Rosie has gone above and beyond doing gardening work. Monica has been working on a new website with updated functionality and look. Monica is still working on payroll and figuring out the taxes. Cameron and Linda have come up with a new system for recording, which sounds better and does not involve them showing up at the church. Gina has been working on a new online giving system. The staff took last week off after Holy Week and had much needed rest. Gina’s stem cell transplant has been postponed.

Outreach ministries

  1. The Task Force has met to review options and want to propose assistance for Chris’s housing. The task force will continue to work with Chris to secure Medicaid, possible SSI, assistance through social services and other applicable organizations such as Legal Aid Society of Virginia, WorkSource Enterprises and OAR, and continue to help support Chris to become as independent as possible while acknowledging that he may require ongoing help from our church family. Next steps to take now.

    1. contact Liz Nyberg at the Haven to find out if there are any “boarding rooms“ available.

    2. communicate the need to the congregation via the weekly news. Enlist the help of Monica and Rosie to present this new mission and be open to the possibilities and grace of God. Obtain pledges of support from supportive congregants to move forward with housing.

    3. housing research- perhaps this could be taken on by the task force.

Minister’s report

  1. Isaac will be working on transition over the next month or two, especially as this situation is quite different in terms of physically gathering for a pastoral transition.

  2. New formats and reaching out have been well-received. Staff’s efforts have been terrific.

  3. CARES Act loan was really helpful. Thanks to David for conducting most of the work on the application. Virginia National Bank was extremely helpful.

General Conference has moved to August 31-September 10, 2021

  1. Close, next meeting May 19, 2020

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