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Council Minutes

February 22, 2020

Attending: Carolyn Ball, Rick Hamilton, Sherry Lambert, Sue Lewis, David Sandridge, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman, Monica McCormack, Rosie Snow

Not present: Isaac Collins, Alan Drinkwater, Wayne Malbon, Roger McDonald, Juliana Piacentini

Sanctuary Movement

  1. Keeping Maria Safe

    1. Accompaniment team liaison

      1. Spanish speakers--Maria Vazquez-Amaral, Wes Carr, Tom Miller some, Jim Lambert some, Sarah Rabke

      2. We need to inform people again, especially new attendees, of opportunities to volunteer. Monica could put together a newsletter to cover Sanctuary-related topics. Or just an announcement in service during Community Priorities or MailChimp reminder, list of those to contact for various ways to help or information in having alterations or purchasing catering foods or clothing and goods.

      3. Liason perhaps Kathryn Laughon (Sue will talk to her) or Sarah B (David will talk to her)

    2. Liaison directly to Maria=the direct team contacts identified

    3. Sanctuary finances

      1. Separate account at Union Bank that is not associated with church. We provide logistical support. We disagree with adding David to the Sanctuary Fund Account and want to move it to the Direct Support Team, (suggestion of Luis Oyola). We need to get more information about bank account from Isaac.

    4. Arnold and Porter Discussions

      1. March 17th is tentative. Rick to let people know. Monica to find video (ask Isaac for contact of filmer) and ensure that it’s available on March 17th.

    5. Public Relations

      1. Other firms possible and best to determine whether we have a case first. This comes after the March 17th meeting. Each of us should pray regardinging what to do and how to respond. Jordan Woodlief is a new member and immigration lawyer. We should get her more involved.

  2. Border Work

    1. Project Adelante support and local connections--tabled and let Isaac think about it to discuss when he returns

    2. Busing of refugees through Charlottesville

      1. Tom Miller may be involved with CHITA. David will ask Tom and get his perspective on need.

  3. Impact work with immigration

    1. March 1 is meeting at New Beginnings and Rally will be at Incarnation on March 5

Reconciling Ministries

  1. Cville Pride and other organizations (faith-based and secular)

    1. Monica showed us new posters and business cards and is hoping to take them over to Newcomb Hall Multicultural Center, Wesley Foundation, and various other places. We discussed definitely having a booth at Cville Pride Festival, and Monica will check registration opening and deadline. She is also contacting those for safe space training (~3 hours) at our church for a time after Easter (April 12), which we will advertise more widely through Google ad, Facebook, Foundation, Newcomb, etc. After this, hoping to put safe space sticker on our church door.

  2. Public awareness of reconciling ministry

    1. See above. In addition, we may put out a temporary sail banner, available through reconciling ministries, and the local NPR allows a segment about our non-profit. May do something there, as well.

  3. Vigilance on Separation Agreement and the 2020 General Conference

    1. Sue Lewis is staying informed and will be at Annual Conference. Sue and Trustees have a meeting in 2 weeks. Our Bishop has decided not to agree on the protocol. If we don’t vote to separate, we are in the new church. No decision necessary. Annual Virginia conference June 18-20.

*On another note, we should plan farewell for Isaac.

Environmental Ministries

  1. Gardening Group Support

    1. We already have raised beds from the grant money. Work day scheduled for next Saturday (Feb 29). Another work day scheduled for March 28th. On Easter morning, put seedlings into the garden. Buford Middle School is starting some plants for us, for free. Rosie will let Deborah know that we’d like to use parking lot on work days to check WF schedule.

  2. Environmental Education

    1. Not so much “education” as much as putting lessons into practice. Can be something we can use to support people who are food-insecure.

  3. Environmental Advocacy

    1. Lots happening around C’ville on environmental education and activism, so unsure that we need to have a broader role. Will have updates on website or blog on our efforts (e.g. swale rationale and putting into place, maybe the findings from energy audit and what we have accomplished)

    2. Might talk with Sarah B to see if she could help get messaging out.

In-house Church and Staff Needs

  1. Office assistance

    1. Volunteers to cover telephone on regular basis

      1. not needed

    2. Provide legwork for Gina

      1. Trustees will handle meeting vendors and possibly contact Monica/Rosie to see if available to let in service vendor. Monica and/or Rosie to get mail. “Informed Delivery” to get pictures of what is being held? Need SPR reps to rotate and check in with Gina on her needs and how we can help and serve her during this time.

    3. Assist office duties as needed such as follow up with visitors, reaching out to visitors

      1. If Gina is out for hospitalization, then Monica can read through these, and parse through the list. Gina will be out for bone marrow transplant, probably in April. Monica to take over parish news and order of worship.

    4. Helping to maintain contact information for communication purposes.

      1. Monica on point during Gina’s absence. Need Finance things to be handled during her absence. Matt to look at Gina’s contract to see what is in there and let her know medical leave policy, and furthermore finding/establishing one with SPR for Monica.

  2. Helping Chris find permanent housing

    1. Carolyn knows most about what’s happening with Chris. At the end of PACEM, he was going to be homeless again. Isaac felt strongly that we should help him. He has been at WMUMC for a year, and we should help him transition or find another situation.

    2. We discussed a task force to do research and calls. Task force: possibly ask Lou Jordan, Jasmine Fernandez, Carolyn Ball, Rosie Snow. Rosie to set-up task force meeting.

    3. Linda said that another homeless person came to sanctuary during Sunday School hour, asking for food.

Sunday morning support

  1. Ensuring Ushers and Greeters are highly visible

    1. Often get two ushers, and/or visitors not knowing where to go. Greeter is supposed to meet people at the door and Usher to take people to a seat. It is not working well, and MOnica wants to combine them back together. Maybe greeter buttons or ribbons. Monica wants to schedule another training. Andrea suggested a list of questions/self-assessment that all greeters should be able to answer or a floating greeter.

  2. Information about, and support for, children’s church

    1. Rosie knows a UVA student who may be interested in being our nursery attendant. Still need to advertise. Sherry is waiting to talk to Wayne and Juliana. SPR will have to do a background check. Three hours for $50.

    2. Currently, we have volunteers for church service only (11-12:30 or so). Need two people in the room, so may still have to leverage volunteers. Rosie could be second person if children show up but will still need others to volunteer.

  3. Outreach for small group ministries, dinners (like 2N2C), and social events

    1. Probably a new members’ class when Isaac returns. May have another NotChurch after Easter. Maria Armaral-Vazquez wants to facilitate a book club over the summer when Forum is not being held. Council can provide communications and drive interest.

  4. Support/assistance for both childhood and adult education

    1. Childhood education:

      1. Haven’t been many children. Those that do come are >3, so it’s nursery. Rosie hopes that the garden can be an option to have activity and lessons around. Hopefully starting seedlings and lessons now. Andrea will connect Rosie with friend re: garden curricula.

      2. Expand children’s page on website.

    2. Adult Education:

      1. Rick received a lot of ideas for forum. Thinking about a night activity for those who work. Possibility of forum group visiting jail, writing cards, doing something for children of incarcerated parents, etc. as follow-up in action from Jasmine’s class.


Matt to offer Google tools training to anyone interested, e.g., docs, calendar, etc.

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