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Council Minutes

February 18, 2020

Attending: Carolyn Ball, Rick Hamilton, Sherry Lambert, Sue Lewis, Juliana Piacentini, David Sandridge

Not present: Isaac Collins, Alan Drinkwater, Wayne Malbon, Roger McDonald, Tom Miller, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman

  1. Opening words and Introductions

Approval of minutes.

  1. Carolyn motioned to approve; David seconded. All voted in favor.

Finance/Treasurer’s report

  1. Things are a work in progress as we get used to the new system

    1. We received $3,025.00 in 2020 pledges during the month of January

    2. Miscellaneous income came from a transfer from PayPal to the checking account

    3. Direct deposits for employees are going well

    4. There is $12,000 in a Youth Account designated from a memorial fund

    5. Unreconciled 2019 charges - charges that have been designated but have not yet posted to the checking account

  2. Our taxes have been paid

  3. The housing allowance figure is for two months

    1. January housing allowance was paid by check

    2. February housing allowance was included in Isaac’s paycheck on January 30

  4. Rosie’s healthcare bill for January & February was paid

  5. Steve was paid $600; he has been very helpful!

    1. We have been using him for less than the amount of time we allotted for his services

    2. We will retain him for about 1-2 more months

  6. We have been making copies of checks when counting Sunday offerings

    1. People have brought up concerns with personal information potentially being made accessible - these copies stay in the office

    2. Some people think this is unnecessary; every check also gets an envelope during counting even if it did not initially have one, and these figures are all reported in the spreadsheet in the office

    3. Gina currently enters the information into Simple Church, from the checks

    4. The Finance Chair will meet with Gina to see which is easiest for her for bank deposits and will report back next month

  7. Gina has requested purchasing DropBox Business to archive old documents

    1. This is $15 per month per user; Gina requests having 3 users

    2. Questions we have for Gina:

      1. Who are the three users?

      2. What sorts of files are being stored - sensitive information?

      3. Security details?

      4. What are other potential options? (Rick mentioned that he has 100GB of Google Drive storage for $10/year)

  8. A suggestion was made to potentially consolidate/simplify the budget as we get used to the new system


  1. The boiler did not pass the Monday before PACEM started, but it has since been fixed and we are now in compliance

  2. Chancellor St. Preschool chose us!

    1. They are drafting the contract right now; they requested a 5-year contract

    2. Their rent will be $1100 per month year-round

    3. They plan to move in during the month of May and open in June

    4. They are working with Rosie on the playground and gardens

    5. They will have two rooms in the basement

    6. Mold and asbestos testing was done, with apparently clear results (no news otherwise)

    7. The swale is planned to be done in February/March and no later than June; Rosie is applying for a grant to help pay for a contractor to do this for us

  3. Church Mutual Insurance update

    1. They need to come to the building every 6 or 7 years to take pictures

    2. They recommended cyber security for $60 per year for up to $50,000 of coverage per person - we are curious as to what is covered on this

    3. We currently have a $3,000 plate rider, but we can increase this to up to $6,000 for an additional $25 per year

    4. The parsonage was on the policy but has now been taken off; we will be getting reimbursed for this money paid

    5. New policies will not go into effect until April 1

  4. Gina has been receiving frequent emails from people who have parking permits but cannot park in their assigned spaces due to other, non-permit holders parking in their spots

    1. We should put up a sign, but it needs to be cost-sensitive and appropriate

    2. Sue will work with Gina to come up with a proper sign

  5. The leaky toilet that needed attention was fixed

  6. Estimates for changing the fuse box to a circuit breaker are in progress.

SPR (Discuss Saturday meeting. Rosie education discussion. Rosie Intern.)

  1. Rosie will have an intern this summer

    1. She will be splitting her time between Wesley and Trinity and will be working 20 hours a week for 10 weeks for each of us (mid-May to mid-August)

    2. This cost should be covered by Rosie’s grant

      1. We have already spent over $4,000 for raised beds with this money

      2. How does this factor in with the funds we have already spent and could potentially need to spend on the garden in the future?

      3. Rick sent an email to Rosie during the meeting to ask her these questions

    3. Carolyn motioned, Juliana seconded to approve this intern if no additional funds are needed.

  2. Rosie has $200 in her budget she would like to use to send a UVA student to an educational opportunity through Wake Forest on June 8-14, 2020

    1. This opportunity includes everything except for travel (housing & food provided), which is what the money would be going toward

    2. Rosie was hoping to go but unable to do so but has potentially found an undergrad named Emily who expressed interest

      1. If Emily doesn’t work out, Rosie could either ask Deborah about interested members at the Wesley Foundation or other UVA students.

      2. The application is due on February 28, so there is still time to find other people who might be interested

    3. These funds could come from the “Gardening” line item under “Christian Discipleship”

    4. Council approves to use this money to help someone attend this event on the condition that the spending should not exceed $200

Outreach ministries

  1. Tom is no longer coming to these meetings as the MCW (Ministry to Community and the World) has also stopped meeting; this will be discussed more in the off-site meeting on Saturday


  1. The meeting on Sunday, February 16 only had two people (likely due to scheduling of the weekend)

  2. We would like to make a new Facebook page specifically for this ministry to aid in event organization, communication, and other outreach

  3. Juliana is committed to expanding this ministry during this time of transition before Isaac leaves

Child-care need - there is a woman who comes with her daughter and grandchild

  1. We used to have childcare that started at 9:30 am and ended at 12:30 pm; this position was not filled when the previous person left

  2. Sue and both Rick strongly agreed that we should consider starting childcare again at this time, which was supported by the Council

  3. Ideally we should have 2 people helping with this ministry - perhaps one volunteer from the congregation and one permanent staff member?

  4. Sherry will email Wayne to discuss hiring a new caretaker

Minister’s report - Arnold & Porter updates

  1. Rick will invite A&P to come to Charlottesville on March 17 during our regular Church Council meeting with a start time of 6:00 pm

  2. If they are able to attend, Rick will notify Isaac so that he might also participate - his first official day back after paternity leave is March 18

Close (Next meeting: Saturday, February 22 at 1:00 pm - David’s house)

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