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Council Minutes

January 27, 2020

Attending:Carolyn Ball, David Sandridge, Matt Zimmerman, Sue Lewis, Andrea Zimmerman, Juliana Piacentini, Rick Hamilton, Wayne Malbon, Sherry Lambert, Alan Drinkwater, Danny Kesner

Not present: Roger McDonald, Isaac Collins, Tom Miller


Our District Superintendent, Danny Kesner discussed the process of appointing a new pastor.

We read through the current church profile that will be presented during the decision making and we provided our priorities of qualities and characteristics needed to serve WMUMC. The Council emphasized important programs and ministries, aspects of church life, and other considerations regarding our salary range, whether we are open to a provisional elder, etc.

The new minister will take over charge June 24 with June 28 being first Sunday of service. Isaac’s last Sunday will be June 7.

Sue will pick up the transitions binder from the District office. DS Kesner sent an email with steps for appointment selection. Our next step with the process is a Meet the Pastor who has been appointed. The Council will need to keep information confidential as part of official SPR business, until the Annual Conference, when it will be finalized and the announcement of new pastor can be made.

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