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Council Minutes

January 14, 2020

Attending: Carolyn Ball, David Sandridge, Matt Zimmerman, Isaac Collins, Sue Lewis, Tom Miller, Andrea Zimmerman, Juliana Piacentini, Rick Hamilton, Wayne Malbon, Sherry Lambert

Not present: Roger McDonald, Alan Drinkwater


Opening Words and Introductions

Approval of Minutes

  1. Julianna motioned to approve minutes; Sue seconded. All voted in favor.

Finance/Treasurer's Report

  1. Ended year at $5,742.96. Conference sent $5,000 for 2020 Vision.

  2. No carryover fund needed to pay apportionments as many pledges came in during December.

  3. $5,000 from District left in working balance which will go into the 2020 Vision Fund.

  4. All other 2019 bills paid. W2s issued. 1099s in progress.

  5. Made first direct deposit! David is paying some bills online.

  6. Steve does accounting work at Westminster. Up to 5 hours per week at $25/hour as needed during transition for a maximum of $500/month and while Monica is unable to do some duties. This will be paid from office/administrative budget. David motioned we accept the proposal. Matt seconded. All voted in favor.

  7. Wire transfer of $9,000 for Rosie’s grant is in process.


  1. Carolyn is point person to communicate with outside service contacts. Roger can also do some small or general facilities. Sue will handle legal/financial stuff.

  2. Chancellor Street Preschool meeting with Sue and Carolyn; now asking questions of WMUMC that are being responded to and addressed. CSP will let us know decision by this Friday (Jan. 17) which church they will use. Would start in June with a 12 month contract at $1000/mo and hopefully stay permanently. They would paint and make space their own, add value to church and also be more money than Impact.

  3. Roach and bug issue needs to be addressed. We have a contract with Dotsen, and Carolyn will check about their solutions for more environmentally friendly options.

  4. Will need to change from fuse box to circuit breaker at Moosetrap.

  5. Sanctuary and bathroom by accompaniment is not very clean, was not cleaned Friday after Christmas. Sue will talk to Jesse.


1.SPR will monitor how Gina is doing, whether doing too much in office, how we can serve her.

Outreach ministries

1.PACEM--Tom met with fire marshall. He has already addressed the smoke detector for Aldersgate Room, light for exit sign by door, etc; boiler passed inspection. PACEM inspection tomorrow at 11 am. Team sign-ups are being filled. Julianna is going to reach out to Sandy and create a form or spreadsheet to be shared via email and MailChimp to larger congregation.

Minister’s report

1. Arnold & Porter has been away. We need the timeline from them and what they will need from us. Isaac and Rick will have a conference call with A&P on Thursday about this and involvement with the Rutherford Institute. Rick will check into other PR firms. The Miller Center has been helpful during the sanctuary efforts.

Close (Next meeting: February 18, 2020 at 7 pm)

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