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Council Minutes

Wesley Memorial UMC

Council minutes October 19, 2021

PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, Rick Hamilton, Sue Lewis, Matt Zimmerman, Rocky Shoemaker, Maury Early, David Sandridge, Sarah Malpass, Juliana Piacentini, Wayne Malbon, Sherry Lambert, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Pastor Matt opened with prayer.

MINUTES: Minutes from the September meeting and from the council retreats were approved.

FINANCE/TREASURER: David reviewed the report

Balance sheet:

We have $100 so far for Afghan families 

We had $125 for the food bank

The Carry over fund was reduced by $16,219 which went to misc income for the large apportionment payment we made.

Sept profit and loss:

Weekly Sunday deposits were down in September, thus we had a net of  negative -$556.29 for the month which would have been -$2356.29 had not the October rent for Starnes come in early.  THIS IS ONLY FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER.

Jan-Sept profit and loss:

This is more reflective of where we are for the year with a net income of $6514.95.  The report also shows the proportional budgetary amount to that point.

Jan -Dec profit and loss:

This shows where we were as of the date the report was run but is included here to show you the year end budget values.

Budgets will be discussed at the November meeting.

TRUSTEES: Sue reviewed the report.

* The electric eye was repaired on the elevator by Area Access on 10/14.

* The small trees and bushes intended for the food forest were picked up and are in process of being planted in the area between the education building and sanctuary closer to the playground. David Sandridge, Renita, Rosie, Linda Hanson and Carolyn had consensus over placement of plants. We will

be looking into how the space adjacent to Thomson Rd by the old front door could be made more accessible and inviting as a place for fellowship and gathering.

* The ADA door installation has moved towards completion (minus trimming out the wire) with Sue Lewis meeting AssaAbloy employee for installation on 10/18. Robertson Electric installed 120 V outlet on 10/4 which was needed for the automatic door.

* Marias bathroom plumbing had been delayed while waiting on a part but that work has now been completed.

* Maria's car was towed to another location which was graciously offered by an individual in the Latinx community.

* Carolyn Ball met with Kinnard Moore of Moore Masonry and have received estimate to repair the brick walkway which is sunken in and also raised up in an area at the Thomson Rd entrance. It has led to further discussion of how the space there might be made into a more inclusive gathering place and we will explore that before deciding on the brick work. Estimate is $1700.

Discussion followed regarding the brick walkway. It is considered to be a safety issue as there have been falls at this site. The trustees will decide on the best way to get it repaired quickly. The outside space issues will be considered at a later date.

SPR: Sherry provided report.

1. Continued working on a staff handbook.

2. Agreed to ask the Church Council to approve a 3% cost of living raise for Pastor Matt.

3. Agreed to ask Church Council that staff receive a 5% increase in cost of living raise or a 3-4%, if 5% is not affordable. Staff did not receive any type of raise last year.

4. Decided to move staff evaluations to the spring of the year to better match the time to discuss possible raises.

5. Agreed to do a check in with each staff member in November and let them know about change in timing of evaluation.

6. Received feedback from Pastor Matt that, after a few additions, Monica’s job description is all set.

7. Agreed to work on creating contracts for each of the staff members to sign.

8. Discussed possible date to use a pre-recorded service that was put together by the Conference to give pastors and their staff an additional Sunday off due to stress of Covid. Likely to be the Sunday after Christmas, as it typically has the lowest attendance of the year and this would give the pastor and staff extended time off for the Christmas holiday.

9. October is Pastor Appreciation Month. SPRC will show their appreciation for all that Matt does by sending him a gift card to a restaurant.

Sherry reported that the 5% increase in salary for staff is the preferred option. This will be considered in the budget in November 2021.

COVID TEAM: Matt Z reviewed the report.

- Since August, there has been a Delta variant-driven COVID-19 outbreak in the Charlottesville metro area (as well as much of the rest of the US).

- Our outbreak peaked in mid-September (at about 46 daily cases per 100K population; see [1]), and has been steadily but slowly dropping the past few weeks.

- Late last week we finally dropped back below our previously set threshold of 25 daily cases and we recommended resuming in-person worship starting Oct. 24.

- However, while the case numbers are going down and are below our threshold, they are still 10 to 20 times higher than they were in July and we still need to keep significant mitigations in place. 

- The Post-COVID group met via Zoom on Oct 17 to discuss safety protocols for Oct 24:

    - Everyone, vaccinated or not, needs to wear a mask. We strongly recommend authentic N95, KN94, or surgical masks; these are much more readily available than they were earlier in the pandemic.

    - Physical distancing and ventilation protocols are also still in effect: every other pew needs to be closed off, fans running, windows open, etc.

    - We are looking into getting portable HEPA filtering machines.

    - Masked congregational singing is OK. 

    - Vaccinated leaders may remove their masks only while speaking or singing.

    - No fellowship for now.

    - Other groups may also use the church provided they follow the same rules (masking, distancing, ventilation, etc.) 

Discussion followed concerning fellowship. It was decided not to hold fellowship on October 24 and October 31. The Covid team will revisit the fellowship issue.

NURTURE: Rocky reviewed the report.

Monthly food drives for UVA food bank starting, organized through Prayer Group and led by Willow.  Rocky notes the UVA food bank helps provide for scholarship students who do not have financial support for meals.

WITNESS: Juliana reviewed the report.

Juliana will be working with Monica to create an informative handout/graphic (which will include the Venn Diagram I showed on Saturday; also attached here) about Wesley NOW over the coming weeks.

OUTREACH: Maury reviewed the report.

Maria: need help with City Market and a few folks to help with serving meal for Wesley Foundation students on Tues. Nov. 16 

PACEM: need dinners for approx. 20 homeless for congregate guests  November through March

FYI churches housing the congregate guests currently are as follows:

Nov. 7-Dec. 3      Unitarian

Dec 4-31               First Methodist

Jan 1-28               University Baptist

Feb 26-Mar 25   Portico

IMPACT: annual Assembly Tues Oct 26 by zoom for network members to vote for this years issue between categories of

a. Storms/Flooding/Mold

b. Transportation

c. High temperatures/ utility bills  

Fluvanna Women’s Correctional Center: continue to provide items and/or money for inmate hygiene kits, cards, stamps, pencils, etc.

Affordable housing: Letter to city council for approval. See attached.

The need for volunteers for PACEM dinners will be put in the newsletter. PACEM is asking for each church to take a week at a time. This can be individually packaged or we can consider serving outside as we have been doing at Premier Circle.

Discussion followed regarding the letter to be sent to city council and the planning commission.

Maury and Sarah will collaborate and send out a second draft for council approval.

Rocky closed the meeting with prayer.

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