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Council Minutes

August 20, 2019

Attending: David Sandridge, Tom Miller, Todd Shelton, Isaac Collins, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman, Jim Lambert, Sue Lewis, Carolyn Ball



Approval of outstanding minutes

  1. Sue motioned to approve the minutes as adjusted. Carolyn seconded. All approved.

Finance and Treasurer

  1. Double amount of pastor pension, some items for Buck and pergola and items, washing machine, last Sunday’s small offering means we are in the negative

  2. Sue move that washing machine paid from maintenance fund for cottage. Jim seconded. All voted in favor.

  3. Building painting will be paid from the capital campaign (per previous minutes).

  4. We are unable to pay apportionments with no cash on hand. Regular maintenance items will be paid from the property management budget. Sue motioned that we pay for the additional work for painting the preschool after Mollie Michie moved out or special maintenance needs (e.g. membrane repair, leaking issue on the side of the building) from the Facilities fund. Carolyn seconded. All voted in favor.

  5. Updates for Gina and two new positions will be funded by the 20/20 fund. Todd will add line items to reflect this instead of solely SPR category.


  1. The rooms from Mollie Michie were assessed. The middle room seems to be drier and smell better.

  2. Drain pipe from heat pump had a blockage that has contributed to the wall remaining wet, the mold/mildew. The dehumidifier had not been running and there was not enough clearance for air flow. The ground level is below the drain that had been installed. Rubberizing the wall and lowering the drain or raising the wall were suggested by Buck. Adding soil around the drain is recommended by Trustees. Trustees will reach out to Buck to find out what raising the soil would entail.

  3. Carolyn has talked to the city, and they are going to visit this week to review dead tree. City will send an email to Carolyn after they have evaluated this.

  4. Rosie would like to look at some of the gardening/grounds. She also has an idea for a rain garden in February which may also help with the drainage issues.

  5. Carolyn received recommendations from Andy Thomas and will review with Trustees regarding the insulation and Weather Seal.

  6. David removed the preschool parking signs from the posts.

  7. The car moved for football parking will be in slot 4.

  8. We need to add a sign to playground fence to state we are not responsible for any potential insurance issues and liability.


  1. Innisfree will not happen this year as a lack of feedback.

  2. Currently MCW is planning for the Christmas Project. Another person will need to lead.

  3. PACEM will be in February.

  4. Crop Walk will occur October 13th.

  5. Food Bank items were double this month after marketing it.


  1. Interview for the communications position was conducted, and Monica will begin on September 3rd and will attend the retreat on Saturday.

  2. Gina has started working 25 hours per week. Matt made a motion we increase Gina’s hourly pay by $11,430, prorated from August 1st and consistent with the hourly amount she was being paid. This will be a slight increase from the 20/20 plan amount as there was misunderstanding whether she was being paid on an hourly or annual basis. Sue seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

  3. Rosie has started her position.

  4. Isaac has requested quotes from Anthem for Rosie.

20/20 update

  1. Isaac spoke at a reconciling event a few weeks ago. He learned of a grant the church has and will be submitting an application for the grant for the final $129,000. The recommendation is to ask for a tiered decrease over three year period.

Pastor’s Report

  1. We need to determine what to do between now and the end of September to be ready for Charge Conference -- Leadership positions that will be open to be filled by October 1: lay leader, SPRC, Treasurer, Trustees. -- Wayne, Sheri, and Dan will roll onto Council and one should be to Chair. -- Monica will be doing payroll and IRS withholdings, but we must have a lay Finance Chair and Treasurer. Monica to create a Visitation Support Team and will recommend Hal to join this. Willow or Alan as Treasurer. -- Budget groups and items will need to be submitted by September 10th.

  2. Saturday retreat -- Clarify the roles for new staff so all understand and also how these roles relate to current committees. -- Programming ideas. -- Listen to congregation about what interested in seeing, what they would like to see happen. -- Walk-through of the grounds, point out limitations/issues. -- Outreach and how we want to be in service to community, congregation, and the world. What can we do and do well, whether that means keep what we have, start new, limit. What are the core things we want to do, and if it does not relate, cut it out.

  3. Isaac applied for a Methodist Communications grant. The recommendations for website, searchability, etc has been forwarded to Monica.

  4. Student Welcome Picnic to be held September 15th. Date changed. Gina will add (we supply chicken and ask congregants to bring other dishes) to the Parish News and Mail Chimp. Give opportunity for people to sign up on Saturday.

  5. Interpretation services equipment will be installed on Thursday.

Closing (Next meeting is September 17, at 7:00 pm)

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