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Council Minutes


JUNE 15 2021

ATTENDING: Rick Hamilton, David Sandridge, Matt Zimmerman, Sarah Malpass, Wayne Malbon, Maury Early, Sue Lewis, Sherry Lambert, Juliana Piacentini, Carolyn Ball and Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Matt Zimmerman opened the meeting with prayer.

MINUTES: the minutes of the May 2021 meeting were approved.


David reviewed the finance report. A community benefactor has made a contribution to the sanctuary fund.

The love offerings for Reverend Heaton and Reverend Woodson were $1500 each.

Moving expenses for Reverend Seaton were reimbursed.


Sue reviewed the trustees report.

Maria's AC is broken and has had 2 service calls from Kennedy Heating and Air who last serviced it last year and were able to get out before other companies I called. A part is on order and hopefully will be in and installed soon. M&M have been encouraged to use other space in the building to cool down but they have stayed in the room without the AC. They have been kept informed of what is going on with the service.

* Sue Lewis wants to resume Football Parking in the fall. This has been a previously steady stream of revenue and there are many regulars who have reserved spots. Sue will send out letters to previous subscribers. The letters will say that tailgating will be the same as UVA tailgating rules for their lots. Only the downstairs restrooms will be used for parkers.

*The water damage on the wall in the narthex has been repaired and painted. The painter tried to match paint color with sample removed from the wall with a poor match. He is returning to attempt a better match the week after next. It looks much better. Ron Vandeveer is the painter.

* Carolyn Ball met Century Link at the Education Building 6/10 for them to test thephone equipment and the lines they provide. There was no indication of any problem in the phone line from the perspective of Century Link in regards to the dial tone in the elevator. The service person thinks that the dial tone problem is the responsibility of the elevator folks and that is the next step in getting the elevator alarm working and get complaint with the inspection certification.

* Leases have been signed and picked up from Terri LaRue (Moosetrap) and the Willeys (Starnes).

* Roger McDonald has been checking the lawn regularly and cleaned out the drains on the top of the education building and Carolyn and Roger have been keeping the drains in the window wells cleaned.

SPR-Sherry Lambert.

Sherry reviewed SPR report. July 4 2021 will be the first Sunday for Reverend Seaton. 1. Organized dinners to be delivered to Matt and Lacey June 1-4 and delivered flowers, drinks, and paper ware/cutlery. 2. Met with Gary and Phil over Zoom to do their end of the year evaluations. Turned this in to the District June 7. 3. Sherry met with Monica, per her request, to talk about her wish to increase her position from 30 to 40 hours a week, once we are back in person for worship. Council will wait for Reverend Seaton to let us know how much work he will have for Monica and how many hours he would like her to work, and about office hours at the church.

4. Collected thank you/good bye cards/donations and presented them to Gary and Phil at the worship service on June 13. 5. Sherry is working on gathering job descriptions for each of the staff to pass on to Matt, per his request.

The compensation form needs to be completed, signed and sent to Danny Kesner. There are a few questions for Reverend Seaton to complete.


The group name change came from the conference.

We will need to let the district know of our plans to resume inside worship. People who are fully vaccinated will not need to wear masks. People who are not fully vaccinated will be asked to wear masks, and people who are more comfortable wearing masks are able to do so. We will not inquire of people why they are wearing masks. We will plan for July 4 2021 to be the first inside Sunday. Social distancing will still be required. There will be training for the ushers and signs placed at the doors. Zoom worship will continue after we go inside.

The next council meeting will be inside in person.

Sue Lewis is in contact with the conference about the rules for serving food both after worship and after the planned Lentz funeral on July 17. Matt suggests food be individually packaged.

NURTURE-Juliana Piacentini

Juliana will send out the NOW ministry model to council and to Reverend Seaton.

WITNESS-Juliana Piacentini

Rosie and Juliana will revive child care during worship. They are looking for volunteers to assist.

Young adult group will begin meeting again and hiking will be resumed.

Together with Westminister Presbyterian, small group for trans individuals will be starting up, for training, ministry and as a safe place for trans persons.

OUTREACH-Maury Early

PACEM has 44 guests at the Premier circle facility. There are a number of volunteer opportunities.

IMPACT is close to the $7000 goal. Albemarle Board of Supervisors meets tomorrow to discuss how to spend grant money. IMPACT hopes they will spend $3 million on affordable housing,

Sanctuary has received a $2000 mustard seed grant. Rosie has a volunteer for translation services during worship. Maria’s legal status does not allow her to seek outside employment at this time. Her attorney is working on this. There is currently no timetable for Maria to seek housing outside of the church.

Chris is in need of a microwave. We will purchase it.


Sue Lewis closed the meeting with prayer.

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