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Council Minutes

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church Council Minutes

January 19, 2021 at 7pm (held via Zoom web/video/telephone conference)

Attending: Rev. Gary Heaton, Rev. Phil Woodson, Rick Hamilton, Sue Lewis, Rocky Shoemaker, Sarah Malpass, Wayne Malbon, Juliana Piacentini, David Sandridge, Sherry Lambert, Alan Drinkwater, Maury Early, Carolyn Ball, Matt Zimmerman, Charlie Gleek, Kate Schmitt.


Carolyn upended the meeting with a prayer.

Approval of Minutes

Motioned and approved minutes

Finance/Treasurer’s Report

Via David from 14 January

  • The balance sheet shows the amounts in the "in and out" accounts. The Food bank has been paid $200. The MCW Mission2017 fund of $1000 was donated to PACEM per the groups request. This donation was done in memory of Lon Smith who was a member that was instrumental in getting us involved in the program in the early days. this account no longer appears on the report.

  • The sanctuary fund is doing well at this time. For those that may be new to council, this fund holds all of the money raised by Maria through mask donations, donations from groups for her support and donations from individuals. Funds from this account go to Maria at her request for herself and Marcelino's needs as well as helping to support her children in Guatemala. In December, for instance, she received a very generous $5,000 donation from an individual here in town. Generally, I go to the bank weekly and draw out the funds she requests and bring them to her at church.

  • The December Profit & Loss report is a brief stand alone report just to see how we did in December. As many of you already know, the income and expenses for the church vary widely from month to month. This month looks good with the net income of $3919.59 but that was with an $8810 draw down of 2020 vision funds. A better view of where we stand can be seen in the Jan-Dec report. This shows a net income of $6725. We were able to pay our Priority 1 apportionment amounts WITHOUT having to remove money from the carry over account.

  • In light of the current pandemic and economic crisis being endured by so many, I think we are quite fortunate. As I indicated in an earlier email, we will not be applying for the next round of PPP loans as we do not qualify.

  • David outlined the preceding report.

    • Up to date (100%) or apportionments

    • Did not have to drawn on carry-over funds

    • Sanctuary guests are doing well. Maria received a (local) donation of $5000

    • P/L Report for Dec 2020: net income of $3900/December, $6725/yr

    • Investments: status quo, “riding along on their own”

    • Sue, David, and Carloyn engaged in in-depth discussion of savings certificates.

    • Carolyn and David discussed changes in utility costs: water remains the same m2m, but significant increases in electric/heating

    • Sue and David discussed assets, reminder that Foundation funds don’t appear in the Quickbooks, but included in end-of-year reports for conference. Gary reminds Council of reporting practices.

    • Reminder: WMUMC do not qualify for the latest round of Federal PPP funds


Via Carolyn on 16 January

  • Heating oil ran out at The Moosetrap the weekend before Christmas. It was filled that Sunday with an additional emergency refill fee paid. It has been put on a regular monthly fill schedule to avoid this in the future.

  • Darren Lynch of Lynch Roofing met with Carolyn 1/12 and did a thorough evaluation of the roof to the right of the Thomson Street entrance. He thought the sponge-like material in the gutter which was to keep the drain open was causing it to drain too slowly and spill over and soak into the brick. He went into the attic and ran water over the roof to evaluate the water flow. He was returning again that day to check the flashing behind the gutter. He did not think we had any issue with the slate roof.

  • Robertson rescheduled to come back on 1/26 to replace the pipe and main shut off valve going to the kitchen which is located in the furnace room off the kitchen. It is corroding with a small leak. They will also install shut off valves on the pipes feeding both kitchen faucets.

  • Carolyn met with "Groundhog", our custodian, and his coworker and went over changed expectations in the education building to ensure the Adult Forum Room is being cleaned. I was around the church for an extended period that day and they did a thorough cleaning of the building from my observation.

  • Sue signed off on the loan forgiveness paperwork in person at VNB.

  • CSP (the preschool) is delaying its opening date now until mid-March. They are still doing weekly supply pickups outside of their rooms and families sign up and are using the playground.

  • Sue: Reminder to the Council that Carolyn is the new chair of the Trustees Committee

  • Carolyn reviewed her report/notes

    • Nothing needs attention beyond the report.

    • Repair for roof, Darren Lynch will work to stop by and review roof during inclement weather.

    • Sink leak seems to have been resolved from turning it off properly

    • Link/pipes at main cutoff will be addressed and repaired

    • Will get an estimate for a new Hot Water Heater

    • Preschool remains in holding pattern for reopening


Via Sherry on 16 January

  • Many thanks go to Juliana Piacentini for her time, enthusiasm, and very valuable input given to our committee. She will be moving on to chair the Witness Committee.

  • We welcome Sarah Malpass to SPRC. Sarah has been attending Wesley for over a year, and we look forward to the new perspectives and ideas that she will bring to our work.

  • Sherry: thanks Juliana for contributions to the SPRC and welcome to Sarah Malpass

Healthy Church Team Update

Via Matt on 18 January

  • The HCT has not met since the last church council meeting.

  • We put "sanitization buckets" with paper towels and reusable spray bottles with disinfectant into most of the bathrooms, and put updated signs on all of the external doors reminding those who enter to self-screen, wear a mask, distance, and sign in.

  • TABLED @ 7.35 pm

  • Matt reports & reviewed notes

    • Will need to have a meeting in the near future

    • Purchase and placement of sanitation buckets, resources, and signage

    • Pre School plans to restart in mid-March. Had questions about their policies and remain in conversation with the Pre School

    • Rick: suggests Gary and Phil liaise with Matt/Healthy Church about future hybrid/reopening plans

Nurture Report

  • Rocky reports:

    • Impressed that nurturing issues taken care of within the congregation, care for each other

    • Each family have informal contacts to Prayer Group, people are well-supported through those connections

    • Thank you to Monica and Renita to staying in touch, making calls to people, all the ways they reach out to each other

    • Carolyn, Sue, and Rocky discussed specific outreach efforts with particular members of the congregation.

    • Plans for Lent and Easter proceeding

    • Gary and Phil will report of a pivot from online to hybrid worship to in-person in a future conversation with the Nurture Committee/Worship Meeting

    • Julianna asked if we can record Sunday Forum, debate ensued with concerns about access and privacy

    • Rick offered that people interested in the recording/sharing of Zoom Forum sessions email him in the coming days

Witness Report

  • Julianna reports

    • Will meet with Monica about social media approaches on 21 January

    • Will connect with Rosie and Phil re: Facebook and Twitter access

    • Researching banner for outside of church, signage for Easter

    • Social media idea: spotlight on ministries (ex: Maria, PACEM)

    • Will email the Young Adult event in the near future, look for partnerships with Wesley Foundation

    • Nurture/Witness/Outreach collaboration: looking for feedback/suggestion form to try and coordinate local events/ministry opportunities

    • Gary: questions about Rosie’s ministry retreat/overarching theme

    • Rick: along with Rosie and Maury re: a retreat about the future of the church. Opportunity to do a series of short video meetings on the church’s future. Will share ideas at a future Council meeting. Will close with Rosie and Maury on the issue.

    • Julianna: seeking guidance on establishing a feedback look on interests/ministries/events

Outreach Ministries

  • Via Maury on 17 January

    • Dear IMPACT network members and friends, I address this to you all. Some of you are Wesley Memorial IMPACT network members and others have expressed support and interest in what IMPACT is doing. I invite those of you who are not already involved in the church Council meeting tomorrow night, to join Debbie Miller and me and IMPACT folks from other churches in the Zoom meeting Tuesday night at 6:30PM. See email from IMPACT below for the link. I also invite all of you to consider joining in any of the 5 ZOOM upcoming scheduled research meetings. You need to participate in the preparation part to then be included in listening to the meeting with the individual.

    • Affordable Housing

      • Friday Jan 22 Albemarle County , Bea Lapisto Kirtley, Preparation at 9AM, Meeting 10AM

      • Tuesday Feb. 2 Charlottesville City Councilor Michael Payne, Preparation at 10AM, meeting 11 am

    • Early Childhood Education & Care

      • Thursday Jan 21 Alb. County Brightstars coordinator, Carol Fox, Prep at 11am, meeting at Noon

      • Friday Jan 22 Charlottesville City School Board Member, Juandiego Wade, Prep at 1:15PM, meeting at 2:15PM

      • Wednesday Jan 27 Ch’ville City School Board Member, Dr. Sherry Kraft, Prep at 1PM, meeting at 2PM

    • You can sign up for any of these using the email from IMPACT below.

    • Furthermore, here is a list of upcoming IMPACT network meetings, the one to which we want to get at least 50 Wesley folks to being the Nehemiah Action. Please put it on your calendar.

    • This is the busiest time of year for IMPACT. For the Wesley Memorial IMPACT network, here are the very important network meeting dates, all by Zoom :

      • Sunday Feb. 7 Wesley Memorial IMPACT network meeting 2:00-3:30PM (reflection, updates on Affordable Housing and Early Childhood Education & Care, and choosing names to invite to Nehemiah)

      • Tuesday March 2 IMPACT rally 6:30-8PM

      • Thursday March 25 Nehemiah Action 6:30-8PM

      • Tuesday May 11 IMPACT celebration 6:30-8PM

    • ECEC Stories UPDATED

    • IMPACT ECEC Research Meetings Notes

    • Maury reviewed the report she shared via email, providing details and context, with particular emphasis on Affordable Housing and Childcare

    • PACEM: “going well, considering COVID.” Two local hotels involved, meal signup filled for February, March signup coming soon

    • Sanctuary: Pastors spoke with Maria’s attorney, case at Board of Appeals. Rosie and Gary also involved in outreach. Carolyn working on long-term, sustainable housing for Chris

    • Visioning Retreat (Rosie), vision for WMUMC for the next two years

    • Maury: remind not to spread ourselves too thin, remain focused on our primary interests, “don’t try and be everything to all”

    • Matt: in favor of people pursuing their passion

Minister’s Report

  • Gary and Phil report

    • All time and energy towards worship, Lent planning, trying new things, lead and prep church for the good future that is coming/a successful year

    • Believe to strive for things we think we can’t do, but can with God’s help/through us

    • Seek out how to be fruitful and faithful in the time we’re in/present moment

    • Again allude to the coming “pivot” around Lent, take us through Spring, morph seamlessly into in-person worship

    • In short: this is an essential time (coming out of Covid), the way we come out/the stride is important.


  • Rev. Gary closed the meeting with a prayer.

  • Next meeting is on February 16th.

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