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Council Minutes

November 17, 2020 at 7pm (held via Zoom web/video/telephone conference)

Attending: Rev. Heaton, Carolyn Ball, Rick Hamilton, Sherry Lambert, David Sandridge, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman, Juliana Piacentini, Sue Lewis, Rev. Woodson, Alan Drinkwater, Wayne Malbon, Maury Early

  1. Opening

  2. Approval of minutes

    1. Juliana motioned to approve minutes, Alan seconded. All voted in favor, motion carried.

  3. Finance/Treasurer’s report

    1. Some expenses coming up (e.g. property taxes)

    2. We currently have paid 9% of apportionments.

      1. $31,872 still owed for the year is the 72% expected for Conference and District.

      2. $26,790 Conference balance due, $5,082 District balance due

      3. $3,000 funds to Wesley Foundation owed

      4. We have had expenditures of approximately $76,168. We have had $46,054 in pledge donations and draw down from reserve to date. Factoring out the $13,578 in Cares Act Funds, we still have $16,536 in 2020 vision funds to draw down. David suggests we draw down the $16,536 into the general fund and use that money toward apportionments and pay a total of $20,000 toward conference, district and Wesley Foundation obligations.

      5. The recommendation is to pay the full $5,082 to the District this month, $14,018 to the Conference, and then $2,700 to the Wesley Foundation out of regular income.

      6. Sue motioned we move $16,536 in 2020 vision funds to general budget to pay as recommended above. Matt seconded. All approved.

    3. Pledges are coming in for 2021.

  4. Trustees

    1. Preschool is distributing materials to families weekly outside of the building. They are still considering what they will be doing in the new year in terms of in person school. They are still using the playground weekly in small groups. Matt and HCT to review policy for preschool. Carolyn will connect Matt with Heather to have a discussion.

    2. Lawn contract ended Nov. 15 and Mr. Hughes will do snow removal. He was going to go cut yesterday or today as it was too wet last week for final mowing. Roger and I did some leaf removal but there are leaves around a couple trees which we will address. I have requested an estimate for the stump removal.

    3. Schedule for roof work pending with Stephen Mowrer.

    4. Kitchen upgrade at Emmet Street property complete except for trimming out by Buck who will then send his bill. The tenants are very pleased.

    5. Linda Hanson says temperature settings are fine for the organ and as David had suggested, consistent temperature is the most important factor.

    6. I got the screw and fixed the door knob to the boiler room.

    7. The Fire Extinguishers have been inspected and replaced as needed. We need to hang the one in Monica's office..

    8. The stone mason will be starting the work on the short retaining wall either later this week or next week. The quote was $900.00.

    9. Sue continues to represent the trustees on the Healthy Church Team.

    10. Linda Hanson has requested funding for a redoing of landscaping in the front yard and under the Rose Window area. - looking at possible use of Memorial Funds.

    11. Will look at the city's leaf collection dates for our neighborhood - bagging is not allowed, but they can be swept to the street prior to the collection dates.

  5. SPR

    1. We only received a few responses to the online request for feedback regarding the shared pastorship.

“How has the shared pastorship been a blessing to you and/or the church?” received 6 responses. Folks found the sermons to be a blessing, felt Gary and Phil work well together, and have done a great job under difficult circumstances.

"How has the shared pastorship been a challenge for you and/or the church?” received 5 responses. Several noted that Covid was the challenge not the shared pastorship. One person felt concern for the health of the church because the District/Conference suggested a shared pastorship.

“Is there anything else you would like the SPRC to know?” Received 5 responses. The overall theme to these responses was that while Gary and Phil have done a great job, one full time pastor would be preferred. There was also praise for Rosie, Monica, Linda, and Cameron doing a great job of keeping the life of the church going.

One person is concerned about the health of the church and that the District assigned a shared pastorship.

  1. In addition to the survey responses, we received two phone calls. One was positive the other not supportive of continuing the shared pastorship and felt communication and outreach to congregants could be improved. Perhaps the low response means that most are happy? If anyone on Council has feedback, let us know.

  2. During the early part of December, we will be meeting with Linda, Rosie, Monica, and Cameron to do staff evaluations and talk about goals for the coming year.

  3. Discussion of reaching out to new members or people who have not heard about the services and needing an updated directory. Monica and Rosie are working on this. Sherry will bring an update of the directory at the December meeting.

  1. 2021 Budget

    1. Monica’s health insurance $8,000 to ~$13,586

    2. Sue has requested David send out a new copy of the budget with updated health insurance amount and any other changes.

  2. Healthy Church Team Update

    1. Curbside Communion okay

    2. HCT meet next Monday at 7 pm

    3. Chris has been exposed to COVID, and he went to Mt. Zion today for testing. His MyChart results will go to Carolyn, and he is feeling better now.

    4. John Olsson conversation regarding surfaces, air, and likelihood of passing it under current set-up. We do need to sanitize surfaces regularly.

    5. Carolyn will go Wednesday to disinfect common surfaces and leave spray for disinfecting with Chris.

  3. Nurture report

    1. Worship Team approved the Advent schedule. People are already decorating this week.

    2. Andrea will work on initial mailing with Advent Schedule to congregation. Rev. Woodson will send Monica and Andrea flier, and Andrea will work with Monica to get an address list with new members. Second mailing will go out by staff later in December about other opportunities, note from pastors, what’s to come in 2021.

    3. Rocky has called Juliana about a banner to put out by the road advertising our in person services and YouTube services.

  4. Witness report

    1. YPG is starting Amos Bible study this week. Goal this year is to connect the Wesley Foundation with others in the congregation. Juliana will reach out to Monica to help with some social media.

  5. Outreach ministries

    1. Requiring action: approval to host up to 10 PACEM women Feb 19-March 1

      1. Maury will share protocols with Matt, in order for him to share those at HCT meeting Monday.

      2. Juliana will ask Deborah about possibility of using Foundation building--better ventilation, warmer, above ground, not being used, would not need to move Chris for the PACEM time.

    2. Information: Check for $545 and 3 boxes of supplies delivered to Buckingham Primary School

IMPACT Research to Action Zoom meeting Thursday Nov 19, 6:30 PM

  1. Minister’s report

    1. Rev. Heaton pleased to hear people asking about Curbside Communion.

Closing, next meeting December 15th

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