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Council Minutes

July 21, 2020 at 6:30pm (held via Zoom web/video/telephone conference)

Attending: Carolyn Ball, Rick Hamilton, Sherry Lambert, David Sandridge, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman, Wayne Malbon, Juliana Piacentini, Sue Lewis, Pastor Gary Heaton, Pastor Phil Woodson, Rosie Snow


Approval of minutes

  1. Carolyn moved to approve the minutes as presented. David seconded. All voted to approve the minutes.

Finance/Treasurer’s report

  1. Made $5000 payment to Conference benevolences. Deborah requested Foundation payment toward pledge.


  1. All the mini splits were serviced by Kennedy Heating & Air. The outdoor unit still needs to be serviced and the leaks fixed. To replace the coil/unit would be ~$1400. David offered a window air conditioner unit that may be able to be used. Carolyn and David will look at the unit and logistics.

  2. Jerry Shoemaker contacted Carolyn about the HEPA filters. Healthy Church Team will discuss.

  3. The preschool hopes to start September 1.

  4. Large limb down. Carolyn talked to our lawn people. It will cost ~$150.

  5. Robertson Electric will do the upgrade of the amp and install additional outlets in Moosetrap previously discussed. Carolyn will move forward with the dishwasher and possible additional cabinet.

  6. The elevator inspection will be Thursday at 9 am and will be $600 for inspection, additional for any necessary repairs.

  7. A special thanks to Linda Hanson for help with the grounds and all of the trimming!

  8. Pastors requested information regarding building security as many keys are spread about and lockboxes are not always locked.

Healthy Church Team Discussion

  1. The Healthy Church Team should include: Clergy, Lead Laity member, a member of the Board of Trustees, a member of Church Council, a medical professional (if available in the membership), an attorney (if available in the membership), a member from the usher/greeter team, and any outside consultants should be sought. Also, 8 people expressed interest in the survey to join.

    1. Matt Zimmerman will begin to get the efforts together for a team and will talk to Monica about the message to go out to the congregation and link.

    2. HEPA filter?

    3. Contact tracing or leaving a message about who has been there and when?

  2. Masks (Rosie)

    1. Orders are coming in through an email. Individuals make a payment in our online pay system. Someone would need to verify the payments and the orders, enter into a spreadsheet, and others will need to package and mail masks. It may be 2-3 hours per week depending on the number of people who volunteer. Matt will create an email address for the orders. Rosie will check with others for volunteering (several expressed interest in helping sanctuary ministry in the survey) and will provide some details and training.


  1. Sherry mailed a card from Wesley to Gina to let her know we are thinking of and praying for her during her treatment and recovery.

  2. SPR has reached out to the staff to reiterate they are liaison and support.

  3. Gary plans to take a mini sabbatical. Gary has arranged pastoral coverage through the end of August. Gary provided Monica with a paragraph to include in the Mailchimp. Phil will mention in this week’s service as well.

  4. Evaluation of staff performance--Matt will find the goals the staff created last year and send them to the pastors and SPR members to guide the conversations about expectations.

Outreach ministries

  1. We have not had a formal MCW representative since January. Maury Early, Sandy Staggars, Tom and Debbie Miller, Renita Banks, Rocky and Jerry Shoemaker were involved in PACEM meals and should be asked first.

    1. The Haven and PACEM are going to put a call out for specific tasks or requests.

Minister’s report

  1. Phil and Gary have met with the Monsignor at St. Thomas Aquanis to tour the new space, and he extended hospitality and welcome to the community.

  2. What is the means and method for the approval of new ministries or church-wide actions? In the past few weeks alone I have been sent emails that seek to start a new school assistance program, a blood drive, and asked if other outside events can be added to the weekly email for distribution. What are the expectations of the pastors for setting visions and expanding ministry”? Phil recommends we have a layperson head up groups for Nurture, Outreach, Witness. Rick and Phil will join together to make phone calls to some congregants. Sue will send some names and ideas to Rick and Phil. They will also use the names of those submitted in the churchwide survey.

  3. Does the church council foresee the need for maintaining an online presence with worship (either prerecorded or online)? If so, are there funds available to equip the Worship Ministry Team and staff with the necessary technology to keep up a high level of production?

    1. The streaming account has some funds to help with any equipment and technology needs. There is also a worship line item. We will leave this to the Worship Team to discuss needs. Sue and Andrea are part of the team and Council. Phil recommended purchasing an iPad and tripod, which will work with the iMovie application Rosie uses and help them effectively work together. Phil will pursue the equipment, and we may want to apply for grants for upgrading the WiFi in the future. The equipment for iPad, tripod, microphones, etc to be used will not exceed $1000.

  4. Many congregants are feeling disconnected. Andrea will reach out to Monica for the Mailchimp announcement for Sunday Morning Forum and possibility for a Zoom game night.

Close, Next meeting will be August 18 2020

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