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Council Minutes

September 17, 2019

Attending: David Sandridge, Todd Shelton, Isaac Collins, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman, Jim Lambert, Sue Lewis, Carolyn Ball, Maury Early, Rosie Snow



Approval of outstanding minutes

  1. Sue motioned to approve the minutes as presented. Carolyn seconded. All approved.

Finance and Treasurer

  1. Football parking money to the Va. conference benevolence. Interpretation Services was moved to UMCOR grant. Walter has finished auditing the books from last year, and they were delivered this morning; books are ready for Charge Conference. Elevator still not repaired so direction was to not pay the bill until the repair is complete.

Budget discussion for the year 2020

  1. Christian Discipleship–Rosie discussed new initiatives and projected costs associated.

  2. Reconciling Ministries–Isaac discussed Pride Festival and additional opportunities and reaching out.

  3. IMPACT–Maury requested an increase from $1000 to $1250.

  4. Hospitality–Maury asked why the amount was doubled and is requesting we reduce the budget to $1250 as may be more in line with expected costs. The adjustment in the Hospitality budget line recommendations will offset the requested increase in the IMPACT budget item.

  5. Music–There is some music that has not been used and are not appropriate for our types of choirs. The council agreed that Cameron could try to find a group to purchase these pieces; David will let him know.

  6. Border ministry–Potential fund to help people at the church to go in 2020 for a visit to assist and see work at the border. Meetings occurring with Batten, Virginia Conference, North Texas Conference, etc and project and involvement will be developing.

  7. Conference–Virginia Conference amount change to $41,964, District amount change to $7776.

  8. Interpretation–we do it and should advertise more!

  9. Marketing and communications–omit communications from office budget as we now have Communications Budget. Possibility to reduce digital advertising and media budget due to hosting, domain registration, etc. Recommending $6,420 for Communications budget will those line items are being discussed.

  10. Worship–Substitute minister as paternity leave expected.

  11. Trustees–Possibly cut custodial services to once per week may save money, and it may not be necessary twice per week or adjust the level of services (e.g. bathrooms twice per week but some other tasks once). Remove $500 in Buildings as we have not renewed WE Brown.

  12. SPRC–Updated number of pension is $10,299. Bonus in line 15 is for nursery worker who was left out of bonuses last year. Obtaining quotes for health insurance for Rosie. Final figure is $245,408.08

  13. Office–Cameron declined conductor desk. Desks and computers should be paid from 2019 costs. We agree to keep Gina and Rosie computer funds for 2020. Matt moved that we pay the amount for Monica’s computer and desk of $900 from the carryover fund. Carolyn seconded the motion. All voted in favor of using this fund as proposed. The Office budget with the online contributions and annual conference added and removing communications is $10,928.

  14. Income–Discussion regarding number of home games for the football parking and whether the monthly parking includes the adjustment for a new suggested amount. Potential grant would be disbursed in January for two years spending with a large distribution at the beginning of 2020, smaller amounts in the following years.

  15. The budget has not been approved. Items of discussion above are being researched and will be determined for the official budget submission to the charge conference.

Sanctuary Scholars Program–Blair would coordinate the students and the accompaniment. Sue motioned that we pay for the proposed costs of $400 from the Gianniny fund to set up the SSP. Matt seconded. All voted in favor.

Sue and Gina would like to assign spots for monthly parkers with spots left for staff, sanctuary people, etc. Gina will create hangtags.

Nominations–still looking for a Trustee. Treasurer (David), Finance Chair (Alan Drinkwater), and Lay Leader (Matt) have expressed interest and will discuss further with Isaac. Jim will reach out to Roger McDonald for potential Trustee.

Closing Prayer

Charge Conference is October 1, at 7:15 pm

Next meeting is October 15, at 7:00 pm

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