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Council/Leadership Board Minutes - April 18, 2023


PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, Andrea Zimmerman, David Sandridge, Carolyn Ball, Sue Lewis, Maury Early, Juliana Piacentini, Monica Mccormack, Rosie Snow

OPENING: Sue opened the meeting with a devotion and prayer.

STAFF REPORTS: Rosie & Monica provided the written reports below.

Director of Christian Discipleship – Rosie Snow


- 15 children (and babies) attended our Easter Egg Hunt and there may have been a few more in our Easter worship service

- based on feedback, next year we will provide childcare for younger children during the Easter service

- about 8 people attended the movie night we held in March

- Sunday school attendance has been about 7 kids on average

- our Sunday school volunteer sign-up is mostly unfilled currently

- VBS planning is underway. Devon has a few students in mind who we might be able to hire as a second full-time leader for that week. Then we have volunteers who can cover 3 of the 5 days, so will need volunteers to fill shifts the remaining two days (at a minimum).

Small Groups

- our Trans Defense Group has recently expanded its work by providing some support to folks outside of our regular group

- The Monday evening group just concluded our Lenten study. We will not meet next week. After that we are going to do a popcorn style (?) study where everyone gets a chance to choose a topic (but I will prepare the materials ahead of time). About 7 people regularly attend.

- We will be screening several films with time for discussion for the rest of SMF this year. Rick and I are working on the schedule for Fall 2023.

Discussion followed re: need for volunteers to help with Sunday School and VBS.

Office Manager – Monica McCormack

W-2 filings – there was a mix up at the end of the year with the account used to file the annual W-2s with the IRS. Our QuickBooks account was switched in the Fall from desktop to online and then again to another QuickBooks online account through TechSoup, which is significantly less money per year. With QuickBooks online, the filing is done automatically by QBs. The IRS rejected our W2 filing. QuickBooks are going to file a Payroll Tax Amendment. New W-2’s were printed and distributed to staff last month. The desktop account and the other online account were cancelled, and we only have one online account now so there should not be any confusion moving forward. All withholdings were paid on time. We still have not heard back from VEC about getting a number so we can file State withholdings online. I have mentioned to Matt that I physically go to the VEC office in Richmond and see if I can get this resolved. I will schedule a morning next week to go to Richmond.

Holy Week – coincided with my daughter’s Spring break so I worked ahead the weeks leading up to Holy Week to get the bulletins done, translated into Spanish, set up the livestreams and create the newsletters. I am grateful to all the staff and others who got their information to me ahead of time so I could take a couple of days off to spend with my daughter.

Office Volunteers – thank you to everyone who volunteers to sit in the office one day a week for a few hours. I appreciate you giving of your time.

Staff Retreat – I would really benefit from a staff retreat to reconnect as a team. Is this a possibility?

Monica reports that a staff retreat has been discussed with Pastor Matt.


--review of leadership covenant draft by Sue, Rocky, Pastor Matt & Juliana. Draft 2 was sent to council immediately after the meeting. Members are to review & send comments to Rocky. There was no discussion.

Discussion of process for staff evaluations (not including the Pastor) followed. Council/leadership board members will write the performance evaluations for staff and send them to Pastor Matt. Pastor Matt and John will write up the final performance evaluations for each staff member. Pastor Matt, David, Andrea, John and Juliana will write individual performance evaluations. If there are additional council members who would like to complete performance evaluations, they can do so. These will need to be sent to John and Pastor Matt by May 15.

--Fellowship time: Sue

Sue and Stella will discuss fellowship plans and logistics ideas to begin having fellowship after church on Sundays.

REPORT PACKET AND CONSENT CALENDAR ITEMS: written reports were provided below.

Trustees Report April 2023-Carolyn

-Moosetrap–*The replacement windows have been installed by Window Depot and turned out well. As David Sandridge commented, “they maintain the aesthetic of the cottage”. *CertaPro did the exterior painting. I went by during the day and realized afterwards that there was no special tool being used (the

Festool for the extra $2000 for which I had requested approval from council). I called sales rep and in the end the additional fee was taken off. I have gotten an additional estimate to paint the interior (without trim) of the cottage of $2650 which includes drywall repair of bedroom ceiling and small spots in kitchen and hall. There would be a little painting left Ceiling in the living room if we desire, front door, trim touch up) but quite manageable. * Additional needs are to resurface the tub, replace front porch and replace kitchen sink faucet. The cottage should be ready for Maria and family to move in by mid May.

-Parsonage–A designated has been working on the tasks to change the Starnes property from its current rental status to our parsonage. Aiden Workman is representing the trustees on this workgroup.

-Area Access who services the elevator came out to assess the elevator. There is a definite problem with the doors getting jammed and taking multiple attempts to close. They are scheduling a return service call with 2 workman.

-The kitchen oven to the left was found to not be heating up adequately during PACEM. Davis Appliance came out. They said a sensor needed to be replaced but could not guarantee there was not an additional problem. Sensor was replaced and oven still not heating beyond warm. We will need to replace the oven. The oven to the right is working and this has not been given high priority at this time.

-A 2008 Toyota Sienna van has been donated to the church and will be transferred to Maria when she gets her license. She has passed her learner’s exam and needs to practice driving. This van will be helpful especially for her market days. Carolyn Ball is in the process of doing the title transfer which will

require further documents. Church Mutual will insure the vehicle until Maria gets her license and title gets transferred.

- We received the Church Mutual bill which went up about $3000 mainly due to the increased property values. They assess the changed property values every 3 years which represented a period of much increased property assessments. Pastor Matt, Victoria Hamilton, and Carolyn Ball met and had informational session on phone with Church Mutual. We will get estimates from 2 other church

insurance companies to compare prices. If we cancel the policy the premium is prorated and reimbursed for the time it is in use only.

-Two of the serviceberry trees have been planted which were available

locally at Southern States (Blue Ridge Farmers Coop now). Thank you Chris! Two more are on order or Carolyn will find elsewhere. I have 2 small redbuds available as well. May we plant them in that same area?

Finance Report 3/3 1/23-Sue

Wesley Memorial has one investment with the Virginia United Methodist Foundation (VAUMF) and two investments with the Virginia United Methodist Development Company, LLC (DEVCO). Both entities are in the Virginia United Methodist Building in Glen Allen at 10330 Staples Mill Road. The investment with VAUMF is the Jarman Bequest Fund, set up in July 2014, as an endowment with a gift from Eloise Jarman’s estate. The funds are currently invested in a Balanced fund with an asset allocation of 37% bonds, 62% stocks and 1% cash. The balance as of 3/31/23 was $57,590.53. We are looking for the terms of the endowment so that we know how to access the funds. The investments with DEVCO are two Congregation Savings Certificates, with a current rate of 2.65%. They were opened in August 2016, with $27,000 going into a certificate in the name of Capital Campaign Fund, and $20,000 into a certificate in the name Memorial Fund. The balances as of 2/28/23 were:

Capital Campaign Fund - $ 25,578.90 Memorial Fund - $ 20,208.76 We are researching when funds may have been removed from these investments since 2016. There is also a small balance in a Congregation Saving Certificate connected to the Jarman Bequest Fund ($146.09) which will be transferred into the fund with VAUMF.

Parsonage Committee Report


Willow Drinkwater

Aidan Workman

John Olsson

Matt Seaton

The parsonage committee met twice. Once was at the house with the current tenant to inspect it for any possible needed updates and to see what might be needed for furniture. The house will need to have the electric wiring inspected and the water pressure as both were identified as problematic by the tenant. Once those estimates are in hand, a recommendation will be made to the leadership board via email. Beyond those two items – wiring and plumbing – the house needs a fresh coat of paint inside. An anonymous donor has offered to give $1000 towards painting. Following the guidelines as set forth from the conference, the church will need to provide furniture for the living room, dining room, kitchen, and rugs of the floors. Once a reasonable cost estimation is in hand, the committee will submit a request for funding. Lastly, to officially classify the house as a parsonage, a letter will need to be sent from this committee to the District Board of Church and Location for approval. Once the DBCL has approved the request, then the committee can submit the appropriate paperwork with the city to avoid paying further taxes. Aside from those aspects of the house, for the long term the committee recommends exploring alternative ways for heating and cooling the house. Currently, the house uses gas for heat and in-

window a/c units. The committee respectfully requests for the leadership board to vote on the drafted letter to be sent to the District Board of Church Location and Buildings.

Nurture Report-Rocky

Dinner with the Pastor at Sr. communities has been put on hold for University Village until Jim McDonald's daughter Suzanne is recovered from a shoulder injury. Until then, Jim and Jean are enjoying Grandparent duty. Future plans are for lunch at Martha Jefferson House, and Wes Carr has extended an invite for dinner when he is fully settled in his new residence at Old Trail in Crozet.

The Altar Visuals have been planned through Easter Season and Pentecost. The Altar team would welcome one more member who enjoys collecting and arranging colors, flowers and props to highlight our sermons. Please speak to Rocky, Nancy or Sue if interested. Also, please let us know if you have any

scriptural- themed statues, pictures, posters etc to temporarily share on the altar. We'll contact you when your item is just what we need. Sherry and Rocky have been discussing VBS and Sunday School plans with Rosie.

Maury made a motion to accept the report packet, and it was seconded by Juliana. Council approved.


1) The parsonage letter was approved by council by email and has been sent in.

2) The proposal by Certapro for interior painting of the Moosetrap for $2675

was approved by council by email.

3) Carolyn received an estimate by Certapro for $1500 to remove and replace

the front porch at the Moosetrap. Carolyn moved that we accept this

proposal , & that money be taken from the Jarman fund. Council approved


4) Request for funding for pastoral move-David made a motion to use the

moving fund so designated in the finance reports for this purpose. This was

approved by council. The parsonage work group will have the electric and

plumbing evaluated prior to the pastor moving in. The parsonage work group will be submitting a request for funds for furniture at the parsonage in

the future.

5) Finance motion #1-Sue moved that the entire balance in the Virginia UM

Development Company LLC Congregational Saving Certificate #2308

(WMUMC Jarman bequest fund) be liquidated & all proceeds deposited to the

Virginia UM Foundation account 199010 (WMUMC Jarman Bequest Fund.

Motion was seconded by Juliana and was approved.

6) Finance motion #2-Sue moved that the entire balance in the Virginia UM

Development Company LLC congregational Savings Certificate #2312

(WMUMC Capital Campaign Fund) be liquidated & all proceeds sent to

WMUMC, attn Treasurer, 1901 Thomson Rd, Charlottessville VA 22903.

Motion was seconded by Juliana and was approved. It was noted this fund is

for anticipating future building expenses.

7) Discussion that we will need to pay 2022 income tax on our parking income.

8) Apportionments to be paid-discussion deferred to the next meeting.

PASTORAL AND CONGREGATIONAL CARE CONCERNS: Pastor Matt submitted the reports below.

Subject: Attendance and Giving Stats, Small groups, Staff Reviews, Moving, Time Off

Action Needed: I am requesting $500 to help cover the U-Haul, some supplies, and movers. Fill out review for each employee – Linda, Cameron, Monica and Rosie, return to me by May 15. Need one member of the Leadership Board to join me for employee reviews. I suggest John Olsson. I have included in my report last month’s stats for giving and for attendance. I have also included last year’s numbers for comparison. The attendance for both years includes online attendance.

The difference between the two is evident. You will see an increase in both attendance and overall giving. I continue to marvel at what God is doing at Wesley Memorial.

In May, I will schedule staff reviews. Using the process established last year, each staff member will fill out a self-evaluation. The other part of this process is an evaluation filled out by the SPRC/Leadership Board. As such, I would like for your input on the form I will fill out. I have sent that in as part of my report too. Please send your input to me by May 15. I request that one of the members of

the Leadership Board join me for each employee review.

One of the goals discussed in our last meeting was small groups. It was expressed that having small continuous groups would be best. It was also expressed that having opportunity to meet new people would also be helpful. Working with Rosie Snow, come this Fall, Wesley Memorial will offer

small groups that will meet in the Fall thru the Spring. The groups will be the same group of people for the entire year. The emphasis will be on food, fellowship, and faith. Groups will eat together, develop friendships through regularly scheduled meetings and serving together, and nurture their faith together by using the previous week’s lectionary texts and sermon as a basis for discussion.

In addition, once a month, I would like for us to offer a potluck meal after service, with a structured component. The structure will be simple. Each person/couple will be assigned a table and will be seated with a random assortment of people. At this larger fellowship, the emphasis will be on getting

to know people beyond our normal friends. This two-pronged approach will meet the expressed desire of the Leadership Board, and most importantly will strengthen our communion with God and one another.

For time off, I took April 10-11 as comp time for holy week. I will take vacation from June 29 – July 11. The month of May will be busier for me as we prepare for the move. Lacey and I are very excited for this change, and slightly overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. To help make this move go as smoothly as possible, I am requesting $500 to help cover the U-Haul, some supplies, and movers. The U-Haul will cost somewhere around $75, the movers are $330, and the remainder goes to supplies and miscellaneous costs. Thank you for giving this some consideration.

Discussion followed that March 2023 statistics show a surge in growth both in people attending worship and in giving over March 2022.

It was noted the next meeting of council/leadership board will take place on May 16 at 7 pm in the Forum room. Juliana will chair the meeting as Andrea will be out of town.

CLOSING: Andrea closed the meeting with prayer.

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