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Council Minutes

September 15, 2020 at 7:00pm (held via Zoom web/video/telephone conference)

Attending: Rev. Heaton, Carolyn Ball, Rick Hamilton, Sherry Lambert, David Sandridge, Andrea Zimmerman, Matt Zimmerman, Juliana Piacentini, Sue Lewis, Rev. Woodson, Alan Drinkwater, Wayne Malbon, Roger McDonald, Maury Early


Approval of minutes

  1. Alan motioned we approved minutes. David seconded the motion, All approved of the minutes.

Finance/Treasurer’s report

  1. Dishwasher discussed in email would not be available until December. Roger gifted a dishwasher from Best Buy. It was unable to be installed properly as there was a pipe in the back of the cabinet. Carolyn will meet with Robertson Electric for breaker. Carolyn requests approval for $1000 leeway to finish the project needed. All are okay with request.

  2. Preschool is operating by Zoom in mornings, but on Fridays, kids and parents are there in playground area. The last sign needs to be posted, and the car needs to be moved. Sue will check with Monica about which parking space may be available.

  3. The telephone in the elevator is still dysfunctional. Carolyn and Roger tried to work with Century Link; Sue is going to pursue this now.

  4. Technology: Wi-Fi connections in the church building continue to present some problems to the staff in connecting to zoom meetings. Matt Zimmerman has been emailing the staff and has offered some suggestions for adding in additional wired routers around the Sanctuary and Aldersgate room. Matt is working with Monica on the issue and hardwiring the WiFi extenders.


  1. Maple tree was removed.

  2. July 28th service upgrade of Moosetrap was completed. The full cost was less than the budgeted amount of $3000. The new circuit for the dishwasher was installed but a new dishwasher is still pending.

  3. Major leak in Maria’s space. Roger has patched the roof. There was a leak in front of preschool that is being fixed.

  4. Other preschool parking sign will be installed soon. Phil requested contact information for preschool teachers to touch base.

  5. The elevator inspection found no dial tone. CenturyLink and elevator company have been a hassle with communicating. Carolyn may call Andy Thomas to find out who installed it and process or who to call.

  6. David installed the air conditioner referenced in July into Rosie’s office.


  1. Isaac reached out and is applying for full ordination. The SPR group is working on a statement of recommendation for him.

NOW Model

  1. Clarifying two chairs on Council and adding a chair to Council to put laity more in charge of ministries of the church: Nurture, Outreach, Witness.

  2. Sue made a motion to adopt the suggested model. Matt seconded the motion. All voted in favor, and motion carried.

  3. Phil and Matt will meet to put together a nominations committee, which needs to meet over the next couple of months before the Charge Conference. Phil will provide staff with the model on Monday and discuss the descriptions. Cameron and Linda will be primary staff support on Nurture. Rosie will support Outreach. Monica will support on Witness.

Healthy Church Team (HCT)Update

  1. In-person Worship: The Healthy Church Team (HCT) and Worship Planning Team are still working towards some type of in-person event on October 4, 2020. Since Rev. Woodson will be on leave from Sept 17 through Sept 30, Rev. Heaton will handle most of the logistics (HCT) and spacing issues around the church, along with helping to set the order of worship. Rev. Heaton is also planning to be at the church on Sundays to meet with anyone who wants to come and vision through what could happen and how the service might look and function. There may even be a practice worship service where participants and volunteers simply walk through the order of worship and how this might work. The HCT will also continue their work to navigate safety procedures for other activities/events that may happen on church property (parking events/small groups/handbells). When the Worship Planning Team has a vision for what they want to happen, they will then offer a plan to the Healthy Church Team for their endorsement – afterwards it will proceed to the District Superintendent for final approval, at least 10 days prior to service.

    1. Option to have elements blessed and pick up to have it at home for the service and also offer to drop elements off for those who cannot get out.

    2. Small group of people for outdoor service with recorded broadcast after the service. Chairs or groups of chairs 6’ apart, possibly soloist or strings or other instruments, communion in individual containers

    3. Discussed a postcard or mailing to go out announcing service and with a link to sign up. Is this in design and ready to go? Significant delays in print and mail so this needs to happen asap. Or may not be necessary and can just be announced in MailChimp and on our social media.

    4. Need a translator for Maria for the day, ask Rosie. Has someone been translating services to her through all the recordings?

    5. Possibly option for another in-person service Nov 1 for All Saints’ Day or other services after October 4th

Outreach ministries

  1. Will Wesley sign on as an organization to this letter to Biden (part of Maria's campaign)? I believe Westminster Pres is also signing on so far. Here is the letter:

    1. The Council discussed and will give members an opportunity to read the letter and discuss again at the October meeting.

  2. I am thinking that as a cumulative event after the criminal justice book groups just ended, we can all go on a group visit to the new memorial to enslaved laborers near the rotunda. It would be easy to do this masked and distanced. An idea for church council and the healthy church team to consider. Maury will let Rosie know to move forward.

  3. Maury and Debbie Miller will push upcoming IMPACT house meetings.

Minister’s report

  1. Sanctuary: The in-person prayer event with Maria that was part of the larger “Walk the Walk”was a successful event for this ministry. Although the larger reach is still unknown, the event brought a much-needed local boost to Maria’s situation – helping her connect with other leaders in various Sanctuary Networks and support teams, and simply reminding our community that Maria is still here and is still working for justice. The Wesley Memorial Staff and Healthy Church Team mobilized quickly to ensure that this event could happen safely and still be a meaningful time of worship and witness. There have still been some issues in navigating communication lines with all of the pandemic restrictions, but it looks like the reset/restart of the Sanctuary will happen sometime over the next few weeks.

  2. Rev. Woodson will be on vacation September 17-30

Close, Next meeting will be October 20th 2020

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