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Council Minutes - June 21, 2022

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


Council minutes June 21, 2022

PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, John Olsson, Rick Hamilton, Carolyn Ball, Sue Lewis, Jenette Parker, Juliana Piacentini, David Sandridge, Rocky Shoemaker, Matt Zimmerman, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Sue opened the meeting with prayer.

MINUTES: the May minutes were approved.


David reviewed the written report. We still have $1700 given for Afghan families which Maury will work on getting distributed. Sanctuary funds remain low but catering jobs for Maria are increasing.

TRUSTEES: Carolyn provide the written report below.

* A MOU is being developed and basic agreement made with IMPACT to rent the room off of Epworth Hall with tentative move in and start of occupancy on July 1 st . Rent will be $400/month. The ceiling tiles need to be fixed still and Ceiling and Floor Shop unless we can find contractor earlier than C&F can schedule. The “little” room underneath the chancel is/was going to be used by IMPACT as well but has been found to likely have asbestos floor tile in need of remediation so this will be priced out to see cost of removal.

* Lynch Roofing came out to look at the gutter system and roof over Education Building nursery to assess water overflowing gutters in some places and leakage through nursery wall. Awaiting report back from Lynch and what needs to be done.

* The Willeys have been informed of decision of council to not renew lease next May.

* Roger McDonald trimmed off low hanging branches over parking space after Monica received complaint from person parking in that space.

* Carolyn Ball will be choosing flooring for the north Emmet St entryway floor and bathroom to be installed when Ceiling and Floor can schedule to install. They will also redo black baseboard in bathroom which is peeling. Wood laminate matching the floor in pastor’s office for the entryway and a solid vinyl are likely choices for the flooring.

Discussion following re: parking availability for IMPACT employees/clients. There are 8 spaces in the “front” row and 2 handicapped spaces. IMPACT will be permitted to use 2 of the spaces in the “front” row.

SPRC: Sue provided the written report below.

The SPRC has not meet since the last Council meeting; we will meet again on July 12 to begin the process of reviewing and updating the staff job descriptions.

NURTURE: Rocky provided the written report below.

Nurture team covered Pastoral care and the worship paraments for Pentecost during the week that Matt was in Greece. Thanks go out to Sue Lewis for visiting Bev Hemmer during Bruce's surgery, and to Nancy Horn and Renita Banks for the brilliant and festive Pentecost streamers. Thanks also to Sue Lewis for diligent attendance at Annual Conference and reports afterwards during Sunday worship.

It was a powerful moment at Annual Conference as the Va clergy and laity united to defend justice and reconciliation, and mutually supported one another. It was a privilege to stand as one with them.

WITNESS: Juliana provided the written report below.

 Juliana started the Small Groups Catalog

o Monica will be taking the lead on its development

o Juliana will help as needed

 Juliana will schedule a meeting with the new Wesley Foundation Minister, Devon Maust Earle, before the next Church Council meeting

 Juliana is starting to brainstorm ideas for an-end-of-summer Welcome Event geared towards Young Adults to facilitate fellowship amongst current & new members

Discussion followed that Pastor Matt, Rosie and Juliana will meet with Devon Maust Earle in July. Pastor Matt plans a big push to welcome students in August and to introduce Devon to the congregation. During the August week that students begin to arrive, Wesley will have a tent on the street with bottled

water, and information about the church. It is hoped that Devon will participate. The welcome picnic for students will take place on August 28. Juliana hopes to attract students to the Young Adults group.

There were multiple ideas of ways to involve students in the life of the church.

Discussion followed re: budgets for new plans/programs. Sue notes that new plans/programs that are not included in the budget will not have much funding. We will consider asking the committee chairs to provide narratives presentations of their plans for new year prior to the budget process. We will finalize

what will be asked of committee chairs at the July council meeting.

OUTREACH: no written report.

The church received a request to sign a letter addressed to President Biden and the Director of Homeland Security. The letter is asking for an end to child detention at the border, and to meet to provide solutions to unaccompanied minors at the border. After discussion the council approved for WMUMC to add our name to the petition.

Pastor Matt notes we will participate in a Habitat for Humanity building day on August 27.


Pastor Matt reports that Maria attended the Poor People’s March in Washington DC on June 18. He notes she is unable to get permission to work/get a W2 so far. Letters will be coming for the church to consider signing which will go to Senators to try to move the process on for Maria and others inn her


Discussion followed re: the final chapters of Slow Church.

CLOSING: Pastor Matt closed with prayer.

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