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Council Minutes - July 19, 2022

Updated: Nov 17, 2022



PRESENT: Pastor Matt Seaton, David Sandridge, Jenette Parker, John Olsson, Juliana Piacentini, Carolyn Ball, Rocky Shoemaker, Maury Early, Sue Lewis, Sandy Staggers

OPENING: Rocky opened the meeting with prayer.

MINUTES: the June minutes were approved.

FINANCE/TREASURER: David reviewed the written report.

-Apportionments are paid up at present.

- The 2020 Vision fund has fallen short of the amount pledged. The 2020 Vision plan funded 2 full time positions, the Director of Communications, and the Director of Christian Discipleship. Some people have moved away and some have passed away. It was noted that the pandemic also affected plans.

There are 14 “giving units” remaining who initially pledged to the 2020 Vision Plan. Discussion followed. A motion was made and seconded to have one full time employee as Office Administrator/Communications, and a part time Director of Christian Discipleship. The motion was passed by council.

SPRC will take on the task of preparing job descriptions for these positions.

TRUSTEES: Carolyn submitted the written report below.

* The Nursery classroom has been placed off limits temporarily when asbestos

suspected in adhesive pucks on wall after removing bulletin board to assess water damage on wall. A sample was tested and did contain asbestos. Below is response from Joel Loving of TJL Environmental in terms of risks to the children. We will have abatement contractor give estimate as well as look into covering up adhesive.

“Hi Carolyn, this is a non-friable material that only releases asbestos fibers if it is

sanded or abraded. Sticking up on the wall is no problem as long as they are not

disturbed. I would recommend that you either have an abatement company remove them or just cover them back with a new board.”

* There was a leak in the furnace room area involving a pressure backflow valve

requiring WEBrown to repair (after trip out by Robertson who was unable to fix by licensing requirements). Repair completed.

* After the heavy rains on 7/8 there was flooding in Epworth Hall and into the room being occupied by IMPACT. It damaged many of their files which were in boxes on the floor. David Sandridge and Marcelino did much clean up with later assistance by Carolyn. We assisted Josh from IMPACT with some of his clean up and bought plastic crates to store many of their affected files.

* Carolyn Ball met with Keith from A and J heating and air contractor on 7/13 to get estimate for heat pump or mini split units for the Moosetrap so that we can retire the oil boiler.

* Annual elevator inspection to be done on July 17. Roger McDonald to meet inspector. (Addendum-the elevator inspection is completed and passed).

* Roger cut up and removed large limb which fell in front Emmet St lawn during storm.

*Brown’s Lock and Safe repaired north Emmett St door lock which was being stuck in locked or unlocked position. This was due to locking improperly.

SPR: Sue submitted the written report below.

-The SPRC Committee met via Zoom on 7/12/22 – present were Sue Lewis, Jenette Parker, John Olsson and Matt Seaton, pastor

-As preliminary to reviewing job descriptions, the Organist’s and Minister of Music’s contracts, duties and relationship were discussed. Issues about the reduced income for funding of the 2020 Vision initiative, in its 3rd year, were also discussed. There are implications to staffing that are connected to the 2020 Vision plan.

-Matt informed the committee of his potential need to be away for family medical issues later this summer.

-The committee will meet again on August 9, as scheduled, to resume review of staff job descriptions.


Rocky notes the nurture group has been staying in touch with several members who have been ill and who have had family members who have been ill.

WITNESS: Juliana submitted the written report below.

 Juliana has been helping Monica with the Small Groups/Ministries Catalog and will continue to do so

 Juliana will schedule coffee with Devon at the Wesley Foundation in early August

 Juliana will help with Welcome Week at the end of August

 Based on turnout; interest during Welcome Week, Juliana will brainstorm ideas about how to best schedule Young Adult events for the fall.

OUTREACH: Maury submitted the written report below.

-IMPACT: We have remitted $1000, which is half of our budgeted church IMPACT budget, and all of the individual investments received year to date. House meetings will begin in September. 

-Afghan families: Matt purchased 5 chrome books on Amazon prime day and they are being delivered to 5 of the Afghan families. Also, church members continue to donate small items of furniture and a vacuum

cleaner, all things needed for these families. 

Maury notes we will collect school supplies for the Buckingham Primary School again this year. School starts for them on August 8.


-Maria participated in a zoom call with other sanctuary leaders recently and gave her story to that group. Phone calls were then made to members of Congress to ask for a 5-year deferred action for Maria. If she gets the 5-year deferred action, she could then be employed by someone, and could possibly bring her children to the US. Currently she can be self-employed only but she does have a tax

ID number.

-There are quarterly staff planning meetings ongoing with many good ideas. Lectionary Bible study will resume in the fall, with a second Bible study also planned. We will have some group function after church one Sunday per month. We will also have in house dinners with small groups in the fall and

spring, called “Open table fellowship groups.”

-In November, for the stewardship campaign, there will be one Sunday on Nurture, one on Outreach, and one on Witness, with speakers and coordinated sermons.

-There will be a follow up letter to the congregation to explain the staffing changes.

-It is noted that Pastor Matt has been with us a year already!!

CLOSING: Pastor Matt closed with prayer.

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