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We Are Hiring...

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Interim Children's

Ministry Coordinator 

$600/month * Average 4 hours a week



Ministry Purpose:
To provide safe, secure, nurturing, clean and efficient care to our children while following the Safe
Sanctuaries policies set by the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Basic functions:
● Plan and execute age-appropriate curriculum for all children.
● Scheduling staff in the nursery and ensuring proper coverage that follows the Safe Sanctuaries guidelines.
● Training of new hires and volunteers in the nursery area.
● Work with the Lead Pastor to establish & implement policies and procedures in the nursery.
● Manage intake/outtake of children on Sunday services and any special or evening services with the current check-in system.
● Engage with children in the nursery through crafts, music, games and stories to teach the basic Christian narrative.
● Manage staff/volunteer time with the children during services.
● Perform or designate individuals to rotate, organize, and cleanse the classroom, toys,furniture and other nursery items.
● Communicate supply needs to Hybrid-Office Manager.
● Report any personnel issues to Lead Pastor.
● Issue paperwork to new families/visitors.
● Manage and organize curriculum & nursery files.
● Provide appropriate care of children and diaper changes and feedings if necessary.
● Maintain adequate supplies & inventory for the nursery & children’s ministry activities.
● Procure supplies & materials for the nursery & for teachers.

Additional Functions:
● Ensure that only nursery staff and approved volunteers are permitted in the nursery classrooms.
● Limit visitors to the nursery classrooms to parents and guardians of children who wish to tour the nursery rooms for potential care.
● Obtain approval by the Lead Pastor for all volunteers/substitutes.
● Working alongside parents to ensure the best teaching/learning opportunities.
● Pray for and with the children


Please send an email to stating your interest and background.

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