“God will prosper you abundantly in all the work of your hand.”

Deuteronomy —  30:9

    Welcome to Wesley's Community Garden!

   Our garden is a living symbol of God's desire for all of us to come into balance with nature, and delight in God's abundance.  Abundance means that we know that when we work in harmony with the earth and with God, there will be more than enough to meet every need.  The abundance of God's grace and provision means that we are not in competition with our neighbors.  We know that our flourishing depends on the flourishing of our neighbors.  When one suffers, we all do.  When one celebrates, we all do.

                                                   Anyone can garden here!

You can watch our garden video tour.

Creation Care...

At Wesley we believe following Jesus means moving boldly and swiftly toward ecological renewal. That’s why we have transformed our grounds into a living model of abundance. This year we installed vegetable gardens and the congregation and community are invited to plant what they want and come share the harvest. 

Building our community vegetable garden, even during a pandemic, has been a lesson in abundance.

"I was inspired by a conversation with Maria about the daily farmers markets in Guatemala, where people buy food that is fresh that day and eat it immediately. It is so fresh, you can taste whether it rained or not that week." Rosie Snow

Rosie Snow, Director of Christian Discipleship

Wesley Memorial
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