“God will prosper you abundantly in all the work of your hand.”

Deuteronomy —  30:9

Garden with Us!

Anyone can garden here!

Signs indicate whether garden beds are for kids, the general community, or our sanctuary guest Maria.

We've used string to divide the beds into differently sized rectangles, so that anyone can "adopt" a rectangle, plant what they want there, and label what they've planted with popsicle sticks or other labels. This isn't to mark property, but is a way people can keep track of what they've planted and where, in a physically distanced way. If the string doesn't last, just do your best to label where you planted. 

Harvests are shared communally and informally.

No matter who has planted what, we want people to feel welcome to take what they'd like to use that day. This system is inspired by Maria's recollections of markets in Guatemala where people buy produce that is eaten soon after, due to lack of refrigerators. As a result, the produce always tastes very fresh. As long as no one takes TOO much at once, we can share well. At times that there is a lot of ripe produce at once, there will be a basket with produce to be taken as soon as possible. 

With all of this, PLEASE FOLLOW THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS. Use gloves and masks when necessary, wash produce, maintain social distancing, wash hands thoroughly, and be careful not to touch your face. 

If you would like to use some of our seeds, or have any other questions, please email Rosie Snow. Anyone can garden here!

You can watch our video introducing the garden.

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