Sunday Morning Forum

A weekly time of fellowship where we discuss both historical and contemporary issues through a Christian lens.


We seek to strengthen personal bonds within our church family, and to cultivate new relationships through conversation and shared experience. We work to nurture our spirituality in this secular world; understand our own faith traditions and those of others; and determine how to best express Christian faith in this diverse society. (Teens through Adults welcome).


This class meets every Sunday in the Spring and Fall in room 102 of the Education building at 9:30 AM.  

The Fall Schedule is below.

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 Unstructured Check-In 

September 12

This will be an unstructured check-in after the summer break.  We will talk about the wonderful line-up of Fall classes.

Imagine a Joyful Economy (Renita  Banks)

Sept. 19 & 26

In this brief 69 page book we are offered a glimpse into WHAT COULD BE, as well as a scolding of us Christians and how we have avoided WHAT COULD BE.  James Gustave Speth and Peter Denton offer us a magnificent plan to turn things around. Here’s a quote:  "In the joyful economy, the goal of economic life is to sustain, nourish, and restore human and natural communities so that material and non-material blessings of life are available to all." It’s watchword is caring—caring for each other , for the natural world and for the future.  Come and be inspired to bring about this Joyful Economy!

 ProFuture Faith: The Prodigal Species Comes Home video series (Tom Miller & Rick Hamilton

Oct. 3, 10, 17 & 24

We are living in challenging and confusing times, and religion and scienceeach has a vital role to play in assisting humanity in coming home to reality. Given our impact on Earth’s climate, soils, seas, forests, and other species, we are already in the early stages of what could be called, The Great Reckoning. The good news is that this could also be The Great Homecoming.  This four-part “Living the Questions” video series explores science and faith, with the final four parts to be covered in spring, 2022.

 End of Life Discussions (John Olsson)

Oct. 31

Description coming soon

Spring Planning Session

Nov. 7

During this Sunday Morning Forum, we will brainstorm classes for the Spring.  All are invited to attend.  We welcome ideas of topics to cover.  Do you have a topic of interest to share?  Are you willing to lead a session?  Come be a part of this exciting planning session.

Christian Trans Class (Rosie Snow)

Nov. 14

Description coming soon.

Hymnody: From Psalms, to the Poetry of the Gospels (Cameron Pampus)

Nov. 21 & 28

Why do we sing hymns, and where do they come from?  Discover what information the hymnal provides, and gain a deeper knowledge of our religious musical traditions.

Advent Class (Pastor Matt Seaton)

Dec. 5 & 12

Description coming soon.

End-of-semester check-in and social.

Dec. 19

This is an unstructured check-in and social to discuss the Fall semester and celebrate together.