“Show me your ways, Lord,
teach me your paths.!”

— Psalm 25:4

To register for this class, please email the church office.  

Sunday Morning Forum

A weekly time of fellowship where we discuss both historical and contemporary issues through a Christian lens.


We seek to strengthen personal bonds within our church family, and to cultivate new relationships through conversation and shared experience. We work to nurture our spirituality in this secular world; understand our own faith traditions and those of others; and determine how to best express Christian faith in this diverse society. (Teens through Adults welcome).


This class meets every Sunday on Zoom at 9:30 AM.  Please email the church office if you would like to receive the link to our Sunday Morning Forum classes.

Ensuring Meaningful Access to Democracy in 2020 and Beyond (Ryan Snow)

September 13 & 20

Ryan Snow, Legal Fellow with the Voting Rights Project of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Part 1 focuses on the challenges facing voters and election administrators during the pandemic, and the current state of the ongoing legal battle against voter suppression. 


Part 2 focuses on what happens after November 3, 2020, including the possibility of a disputed outcome in the presidential election, and legal issues surrounding the completion of the Census and the use of Census data for apportionment and redistricting.

Restorative Justice (David Saunier)

September 27

With Dave Saunier, former Director, Central Virginia Restorative Justice, a program that served Charlottesville and Albemarle for 15 years. Dave was also past President of the Restorative Justice Association of Virginia.


This session will involve discussion of Restorative Justice (RJ), a response to crime and wrongdoing that focuses more on repairing harm and creating well-being as opposed to punishment.  We will explore the basic tenets of RJ, it's application through case studies, and the compelling relationship and community building qualities it holds.  We will also explore RJ's use in the world, the US and our own community.

Early Religious Life at UVA  (Harry Gamble) 

October 4

Harry Gamble, (Retired Chair of the UVA’ Department of Religious Studies) comments on his recent book, God on the Grounds: A History of Religion at Thomas Jefferson’s University.  Religion has had a “remarkably large role – both in practice and in study—at UVA."  Professor Gamble shares this quite interesting and relevant story.

 Coming Out in the Church (Monica McCormack)

October 11 & 18

Monica McCormack is the Director of Communications at Wesley Memorial and a member of the LGBTQ+ Community. 

Christian condemnation of homosexuality creates a life of shame and secrecy, and even the painful denial of one's true identity, for LGBTQ+ Christians. Is it truly possible to be safely out in a Christian church, or is it only safe in a few churches such as Wesley Memorial?  Trust has to be both earned and given.

Spring Planning  (Rick Hamilton)

October 25

Rick Hamilton, Chair of Church Council at Wesley Memorial, leads the discussion to plan for the Spring Semester of Sunday Morning Forum.  If you would like to contribute to the Christian Education at Wesley Memorial, please attend this meeting or contact Rick here.

Trusting God Enough to Rest  (Deborah Lewis)

November 1 & 8

Rev. Deborah Lewis is the pastor at The Wesley Foundation.

Self care is easy to parody (all those vitamin waters and spa days) and Sabbath is easy to ignore.  In the midst of a pandemic and epic struggles for justice, it’s tempting to think these can wait. But we follow the One who let himself enjoy an extravagantly sensual foot massage (Luke 7:36-50).  And we are made in the image of a Creator who included rest in the recipe right from the beginning (Genesis 2:2-3).  What would it look like to trust God enough to lay down your burdens and rest, to delight in God’s invitation-command to Sabbath?  How do our routines and rhythms of self care, rest, relaxation, and play bolster our faith?

The C’ville District and Beyond! (Danny Kesner)

November 15

Danny Kesner is the District Superintendent of the Charlottesville District United Methodist Church.


Come and learn about the Charlottesville United Methodist Church District.  How many churches are in the District?  What are our boundaries?  And what about General Conference in 2021? 

Early Methodism (Rosie Snow)

November 22 & 29

Rosie Snow is the Director of Christian Discipleship at Wesley Memorial.

The first decades of Methodism were practiced beyond many of the major markers of institutional organizations. What can we learn from this approach to Christian community, especially at a time when distrust and dislike of institutions, especially among the young, is on the rise?


Week 1: Escaping Institutions

How did the practices of outdoor preaching, small groups, direct aid, and lack of property/assets fuel the rapid spread of Methodism?


Week 2: Returned to Institutions

What led to the eventual and enduring institutionalization of the Methodist Church? What were the effects of this shift, and continue to be the effects? What elements of the Methodist Church's original nature still persist today? How does Methodism's institution-less beginning inform its future?

Topic to be determined (Rev. Phil Woodson) 

December 6 & 13

More details to come on this class.


Small Groups

One of the best ways to settle into a church home is to join a small group. At Wesley Memorial we have a range of options.

For more information contact the coordinator for each group.

Wednesday Bible Study


This group is currently not meeting.

The study follows the Revised Common Lectionary, and requires no preparation before each session. However, if you’re interested in following the lectionary, here is a link.

Contact: Rosie Snow

Prayer Group


11:00 am - noon

On Zoom

This group of committed women raise with confidentiality the prayer concerns of our church family and beyond.


If you are interested in joining us weekly in prayer, please contact Monica McCormack.

Book Groups


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm  On Zoom

Wesley Criminal Justice Book Groups

This is a zoom meeting for the New Jim Crow and Becoming Mrs. Burton discussion groups. After a prayer together, the two groups will separate into breakout rooms for the remainder of the meeting.

Contact Rosie Snow for more information.

Blue Ridge Stitchers

This group is currently not meeting due to COVID-19.

Anyone who likes to sew or wants to learn and pays to join the American Sewing Guild is welcome. You can attend two meetings free and then need to join. We belong to the Richmond Chapter and within that there are many neighborhood groups, specializing in all manner of stitchery. There are 3 neighborhood groups in Charlottesville: Fashion Funway (more fashion sewing), Kids Sew Too, and us (eclectic: some meetings fashion, some more craft). The rest of our neighborhood groups are in Richmond. You can attend any or all of them both here and anywhere in the USA as you would belong to the American Sewing Guild.

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