“And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”

— Matthew 18:5

Children are welcome in worship

They are encouraged to be full participants, praying, singing, taking communion, sharing the Peace of Christ.


We realize that sometimes they might need to respond to what is going on differently than adults. There are worksheets, Bible story books, and bags with paper, pencils, and crayons in the Narthex on the Children’s Table. Please help yourself to them.

Sunday School during worship

We offer Sunday School for children of all ages during our worship Service. 


Children who wish to attend Sunday School meet our volunteer teachers during the Passing of the Peace. Teachers and children go to the nursery in the education building (or our playground if the weather in nice) to play and learn until it is time to come back. On communion Sundays, children return for communion. 


If a child needs a diaper change or other care that teachers cannot provide, teachers will text parents or otherwise alert them. 

We have installed vegetable gardens in our playground, with several beds for children! When possible and appropriate, we will incorporate gardening into our Sunday School curriculum.