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“And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”

— Matthew 18:5

Children in worship

Sunday Childcare at Wesley

Childcare is provided every Sunday during our 11am worship. There is a minimum of two caregivers with children at all times


Children are welcome in worship

Children join us in worship for the first ten minutes, then go to the nursery or playground during our first hymn. Parents/guardians may also walk children over to the garden/nursery at any time during worship.

Children are also welcome to remain in worship, and are encouraged to be full participants in worship, praying, singing, taking communion, and sharing the Peace of Christ, whenever they feel led. At Wesley we welcome all the sounds and activities that babies and children bring to worship!

If a child is with our volunteers and needs a diaper change or other care that teachers cannot provide, teachers will text parents or otherwise alert them.

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Sunday School Curriculum


11:00-12:15pm every week except Easter Sunday

Current Curriculum: "Practicing Spiritual Disciplines"

Through Easter, we are learning about how to practice spiritual disciplines such as praying, fasting, unplugging and more, teaching through play and presenting each discipline in ways that kids can access.

Questions for Matt: Fasting

Questions for Matt: Fasting

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Excited to begin the Easter egg hunt.

Fun in the sand box during Sunday school.

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Sunday School kids in the sandbox.jpg
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